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Spenser's Color Wheel

n.b. If the text is overlapping with the graph, click "open" and widen your browser window.

A Spenser deformance project for the conclusion of the 2016 HDW Summer Workshop at WashU. Using color words from WordNet, this data visualization finds all lines that include a color term in The Faerie Queene (and, for comparison, in A Midsummer Night's Dream) and displays that data in a pie graph.

When a user clicks on a color in the pie graph, the lines for that color are displayed. They can then select multiple colors, and the visualization will randomly reorder the lines, creating new, evocative color poems. Using the dropdowns for each Book of the epic, the user can create poems that combine all the "red" lines from Book 1 with all the "green" lines from Book 4 and so on.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
body {
font-family: 'Crimson Text', serif;
.axis text {
font: 10px sans-serif;
.axis line,
.axis path {
fill: none;
stroke: #000;
shape-rendering: crispEdges;
text, path {cursor: pointer; }
text {
font-size: 20px;
.col1 {width: 600px; float: left;}
.col2 {width: 400px; float: left;}
.line {position: absolute;} {color: #AA1100; font-weight: bold; }
span.yellow {color: #FFBB11; font-weight: bold; } {color: #55AA00; font-weight: bold; } {color: #0000FF; font-weight: bold; }
span.purple {color: #4B0082; font-weight: bold; }
span.white {color: #FAFAFA;
-1px -1px 0 #000,
1px -1px 0 #000,
-1px 1px 0 #000,
1px 1px 0 #000;} {color: #000000; font-weight: bold; }
span.gray {color: #C0C0C0; font-weight: bold; }
span.brown {color: #884513; font-weight: bold; }
<div class="col1"></div>
<div class="col2"></div>
<script src="" integrity="sha256-BbhdlvQf/xTY9gja0Dq3HiwQF8LaCRTXxZKRutelT44=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<script src=""></script>
/*This code adapted from Mike Bostock's Dispatching Events example:*/
var dispatch = d3.dispatch("load", "statechange");
var groups = [
d3.json('line_data.json', function(error, texts) {
var books = d3.keys(texts);
textById =
books.forEach(function(d) {
textById['_'][d] = {};
textById['_'][d]['id'] = d;
textById['_'][d]['lines'] = {};
groups.forEach(function(k) {
if (texts[d].hasOwnProperty(k)) {
textById['_'][d][k] = texts[d][k].length;
textById['_'][d]['lines'][k] = texts[d][k];
else { textById['_'][d][k] = 0; textById['_'][d]['lines'][k] = [];}
textById['_'][d] = type(textById['_'][d]);
dispatch.load(textById, texts);
dispatch.statechange(textById.get("Book 1"), texts);
// A drop-down menu for selecting a text; uses the "menu" namespace.
dispatch.on("", function(textById) {
var select =".col1")
.on("change", function() { dispatch.statechange(textById.get(this.value)); });
.attr("value", function(d) { return; })
.text(function(d) { return; });
dispatch.on("", function(text) {"value",;
// A bar chart to show total number of lines with color terms; uses the "bar" namespace.
dispatch.on("", function(textById) {
var margin = {top: 20, right: 20, bottom: 30, left: 40},
width = 80 - margin.left - margin.right,
height = 460 - - margin.bottom;
var y = d3.scale.linear()
.domain([0, d3.max(textById.values(), function(d) { return; })])
.rangeRound([height, 0])
var yAxis = d3.svg.axis()
var svg =".col1").append("svg")
.attr("width", width + margin.left + margin.right)
.attr("height", height + + margin.bottom)
.attr("transform", "translate(" + margin.left + "," + + ")");
.attr("class", "y axis")
var rect = svg.append("rect")
.attr("x", 4)
.attr("width", width - 4)
.attr("y", height)
.attr("height", 0)
.style("fill", "#aaa");
dispatch.on("", function(d) {
.attr("y", y(
.attr("height", y(0) - y(;
// A pie chart to show number of lines by color; uses the "pie" namespace.
dispatch.on("load.pie", function(textById) {
var width = 480,
height = 460,
radius = Math.min(width, height) / 2;
var color = d3.scale.ordinal()
.range(["#AA1100", "#FFBB11", "#55AA00", "#0000FF", "#4B0082", "#FAFAFA", "#000000", "#C0C0C0", "#884513"]);
var arc = d3.svg.arc()
.outerRadius(radius - 10)
.innerRadius(radius - 70);
var pie = d3.layout.pie()
var svg =".col1").append("svg")
.attr("width", width)
.attr("height", height)
.attr("transform", "translate(" + width / 2 + "," + height / 2 + ")");
var path = svg.selectAll("path")
.style("fill", color)
.attr("class", function(d) { return d; } )
.each(function() { this._current = {startAngle: 0, endAngle: 0}; });
.attr('text-anchor', 'middle')
.attr('transform', 'translate(' + 0 + "," + -30 + ")")
.on("click", function() {
d3.selectAll("div.line").sort(function(a,b) {
return d3.ascending(Math.random(), Math.random());
}).transition().duration(500).style('top', function(d, i) { return 10 + ((i*20)) + "px"; } );
.attr('text-anchor', 'middle')
.attr('transform', 'translate('+ 0 + "," + 30 + ")")
.on("click", function() {
dispatch.on("statechange.pie", function(d) { { return d[g]; })(groups)).transition()
.attrTween("d", function(d) {
var interpolate = d3.interpolate(this._current, d);
this._current = interpolate(0);
return function(t) {
return arc(interpolate(t));
/* On click, show all lines for that color. Transition and random sort on subsequent clicks. */
path.on("click", function(c) {
var lines ='div.col2').selectAll('div.line')
.data(d['lines'][c['data']], function(d) {return d;})
.attr('class', c['data']+' line')
.html( function(d, i) {return d;});
d3.selectAll('div.line').sort(function(a,b) {
return d3.ascending(Math.random(), Math.random());
.style('top', function(d, i) { return 10 + ((i*20)) + "px"; } );
function type(d) { = d3.sum(groups, function(k) { return d[k] = +d[k]; });
return d;
"Book 1": {
"black": [
"His spear of <span class='black'>ebony</span> wood behind him bore,",
"Who rough, and <span class='black'>black</span>, and filthy did appear,",
"Doest thou fit wailing by <span class='black'>black</span> Stygian lake,",
"Arayd in habit <span class='black'>black</span>, and amiss thin,",
"An aged Sire, in long <span class='black'>black</span> weeds clad,",
"And in a foul <span class='black'>black</span> pitchy mantle clad,",
"Who with her <span class='black'>sable</span> mantle gan to shade",
"Bespotted all with shields of red and <span class='black'>black</span>,",
"Her twofold Teem, of which two <span class='black'>black</span> as pitch,",
"A flood of poison horrible and <span class='black'>black</span>,",
"Deformed monsters, fowl, and <span class='black'>black</span> as ink,",
"A stream of <span class='black'>coal black</span> blood forth gushed fro[m]; her corpse.",
"And over all a <span class='black'>black</span> stole she did throw,",
"The <span class='black'>black</span> infernal Furies done aslake:",
"Vnder <span class='black'>black</span> stole hiding her baited hook,",
"Cast a <span class='black'>black</span> stole, most Like to seem for Una fit.",
"He bade awake <span class='black'>black</span> Pluto's grisly Dame,",
"A gushing river of <span class='black'>black</span> gory blood,",
"A stream of coal <span class='black'>black</span> blood forth gushed fro[m]; her corpse.",
"While sad Night over him her ma[n]tle <span class='black'>black</span> does spread"
"blue": [
"Full of diseases was his carcase <span class='blue'>blue</span>,",
"Was clad in <span class='blue'>blue</span>, that her beseemed well;",
"The same before the Giants gate he <span class='blue'>blue</span>,",
"Enrold in duskish smoke and brimstone <span class='blue'>blue</span>;",
"Her out of careless swown. Her eyelids <span class='blue'>blue</span>"
"brown": [
"And two were <span class='brown'>brown</span>, yet each to each lich,"
"gray": [
"That seemed Like silk and <span class='gray'>silver</span> woven near,",
"Vpon her arm a <span class='gray'>silver</span> anchor lay,",
"He was and aged sire, all hoary <span class='gray'>grey</span>,",
"But neither silk nor <span class='gray'>silver</span> therein did appear.",
"The other all with <span class='gray'>silver</span> overcast;",
"Their arms abroad, with <span class='gray'>grey</span> moss overcast,",
"Y clad in mighty arms and <span class='gray'>silver</span> shield,",
"His feet all bore, his beard all hoary <span class='gray'>grey</span>,",
"His <span class='gray'>silver</span> shield, now idle masterless;",
"How ill it sits with that same <span class='gray'>silver</span> head",
"And <span class='gray'>silver</span> shield upon his coward breast",
"In <span class='gray'>silver</span> dew his ever-drooping head,",
"From which fast trickled forth a <span class='gray'>silver</span> flood,",
"And <span class='gray'>silver</span> Cynthia waxed pale and faint,",
"From whence the river Dee as <span class='gray'>silver</span> clean",
"Vpon her <span class='gray'>silver</span> anchor, as was meet;",
"Where he hath left his plumes all hoary <span class='gray'>grey</span>,"
"green": [
"As fresh as flowers in meadow <span class='green'>green</span> do grow,",
"And with <span class='green'>green</span> boughs decking a gloomy glade,",
"In a <span class='green'>green</span> gown he clothed was full fair,",
"His dwelling is low in a valley <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"Whose carcases were scattered on the <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"In <span class='green'>green</span> vine leaves he was right fitly clad;",
"She is brought unto a paled <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"On top of <span class='green'>green</span> Selinis all alone,",
"Then on her head they set a garland <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"And their <span class='green'>green</span> leaves trembling with every blast,",
"And with <span class='green'>green</span> branches strowing all the ground,",
"And thinking of those branches <span class='green'>green</span> to frame",
"And tremble Like a leaf of Aspen <span class='green'>green</span>,"
"purple": [
"Had spread her <span class='purple'>purple</span> robe through dewy air,",
"And robbed of royal robes, and <span class='purple'>purple</span> pall,",
"And streams of <span class='purple'>purple</span> blood new die the verdant fields.",
"Enforst her <span class='purple'>purple</span> beast with all her might",
"He gave her gold and <span class='purple'>purple</span> pall to wear,",
"As fair Aurora in her <span class='purple'>purple</span> pall,"
"red": [
"A goodly Lady clad in scarlet <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"That much was worn, but therein little <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Bespred with costly <span class='red'>scarlet</span> of great name,",
"Into a pure <span class='red'>vermilion</span> now are died:",
"With rosy cheeks, for shame as blushing <span class='red'>red</span>;",
"Whereof great virtues over all were <span class='red'>red</span>:",
"From flaming mouth bright sparkles fiery <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"That hast my name and nation <span class='red'>red</span> aright,",
"But spoil her of her <span class='red'>scarlet</span> robe, and let her fly.",
"And said, Old sire, it seems thou hast not <span class='red'>red</span>",
"Each bone might through his body well be <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Bespotted all with shields of <span class='red'>red</span> and black,",
"That <span class='red'>scarlet</span> whore to keepen carefully;",
"Whose kingdoms seat Cleopolis is <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"That blood-<span class='red'>red</span> billows Like a walled front",
"His eyes did hurl forth sparkles fiery <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"A goodly Lady clad in <span class='red'>scarlet</span> red,",
"As they in pure <span class='red'>vermilion</span> had been died,",
"Loaden with fruit and apples rosy <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Which he disclosing, <span class='red'>red</span> thus, as the paper spoke.",
"And heathenish shield, wherein with letters <span class='red'>red</span>",
"The <span class='red'>red</span> blood trickling stained the way, as he did ride.",
"When he these bitter biting words had <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"That in his armour bore a crosslet <span class='red'>red</span>.",
"To tell the sad sight, which mine eyes have <span class='red'>red</span>:"
"white": [
"In <span class='white'>ivory</span> sheath, ycaru’d with curious slights;",
"And by her in a line a milk <span class='white'>white</span> lamb she lad.",
"Her all in <span class='white'>white</span> he clad, and over it",
"His raw-<span class='white'>bone</span> cheeks through penury and pine,",
"Of turtle doves, she sitting in and <span class='white'>ivory</span> chair.",
"With princely gifts of <span class='white'>ivory</span> and gold,",
"Of mother <span class='white'>pearl</span>, and buckled with a golden tonge.",
"Vpon a lowly Ass more <span class='white'>white</span> then snow,",
"Purfled with gold and <span class='white'>pearl</span> of rich assay,",
"She was arrayed all in lily <span class='white'>white</span>,",
"With sprinkled <span class='white'>pearl</span>, and gold full richly dressed,",
"Each <span class='white'>bone</span> might through his body well be red,",
"All lily <span class='white'>white</span>, withouten spot, or pride,",
"To pluck a <span class='white'>bone</span>, then from his cruel claw",
"An old old man, with beard as <span class='white'>white</span> as snow,",
"Of <span class='white'>pearl</span> and precious stone, that earthly tonge"
"yellow": [
"Those heaps of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> with gripple Covetise,",
"His haughty helmet, horrid all with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Weary of aged Tithonus's <span class='yellow'>saffron</span> bed,",
"Adorned all with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, and girlands gay,",
"Vpon a Camel loaded all with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>;",
"And in her right hand boar a cup of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Ne spared he to give her <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and rings:",
"With sprinkled pearl, and <span class='yellow'>gold</span> full richly dressed,",
"In glistering <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, and peerless precious stone:",
"The rest was all in <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> robes arrayed still.",
"Embowd with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and gorgeous ornament,",
"Adornd with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and jewels shining clear,",
"He gave her <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and purple pall to wear,",
"And on her head she wore a Tyre of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"And gorgeous <span class='yellow'>gold</span> arrayed I to thee came;",
"With royal arras and resplendent <span class='yellow'>gold</span>.",
"Purfled with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and pearl of rich assay,",
"But nor for <span class='yellow'>gold</span> nor glee will I abide",
"Which hung adown his side in twisted <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"In their defence, nor would for <span class='yellow'>gold</span> or fee",
"With princely gifts of ivory and <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Whose hilts were burnished <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, and handle strong"
"Book 2": {
"black": [
"With that <span class='black'>black</span> Palmer, his most trusty guide;",
"His coal-<span class='black'>black</span> hands did seem to have been seared",
"But direful deadly <span class='black'>black</span> both leaf and bloom,",
"With his <span class='black'>black</span> Palmer, that him guided still.",
"More fit amongst <span class='black'>black</span> fiends, then men to have his place.",
"A comely Palmer, clad in <span class='black'>black</span> attire,",
"Enwrapped in fowl smoke and clouds more <span class='black'>black</span> then jet.",
"Whose squire boar after him and <span class='black'>ebony</span> lance,",
"In a <span class='black'>black</span> flood which flow’d about it round;",
"Dead sleeping Poppy, and <span class='black'>black</span> Hellebore,",
"To deck his hearse, and trap his tomb-<span class='black'>black</span> steed."
"blue": [
"That when mild Zephyrus amongst them <span class='blue'>blue</span>,",
"Straunge was her Tyre, and all her garment <span class='blue'>blue</span>,"
"brown": [
"Shakt his long locks, coloured Like <span class='brown'>copper</span>-wire,"
"gray": [
"But under him a <span class='gray'>grey</span> steed did he wield,",
"That themselves dipping in the <span class='gray'>silver</span> Due,",
"Fountaines of gold and <span class='gray'>silver</span> to abound,",
"All in a veil of silk and <span class='gray'>silver</span> thin,",
"A <span class='gray'>silver</span> found, that heavenly music seemed to make.",
"Vpright he road, and in his <span class='gray'>silver</span> shield",
"So pure and shiny, that the <span class='gray'>silver</span> flood",
"Bright Scolopendra's, arm’d with <span class='gray'>silver</span> scales,",
"Ne sittest down on that same <span class='gray'>silver</span> stool,",
"Her locks, that loathly were and hoary <span class='gray'>grey</span>,",
"Of ripest years, and hairs all hoary <span class='gray'>grey</span>,",
"The <span class='gray'>silver</span> sounding instruments did meet",
"And the <span class='gray'>grey</span> Ocean into purple die:",
"Now hath fair Phoebe with her <span class='gray'>silver</span> face",
"How oft do they, their <span class='gray'>silver</span> bowers leave,",
"And in the amid thereof a <span class='gray'>silver</span> seat,",
"Were made, and set in <span class='gray'>silver</span> sockets bright,"
"green": [
"With grassy <span class='green'>green</span> of delectable hew,",
"Mantled with <span class='green'>green</span>, and goodly beautified",
"Of swift Eurotas, or on Cynthus <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"The <span class='green'>green</span> shield died in dolorous vermeil?",
"Snatcht first the one, and then the other <span class='green'>jade</span>,",
"With nature, did and Arbour <span class='green'>green</span> dispread,",
"Whom all the people deck with garlands <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"Till that they come unto a forest <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"The gentlest knight, that ever on <span class='green'>green</span> grass",
"And with <span class='green'>green</span> moss cou’ring her nakedness,",
"So fortune wrought, as under <span class='green'>green</span> woods side"
"purple": [
"And the grey Ocean into <span class='purple'>purple</span> die:",
"And <span class='purple'>purple</span> robe gored with many a wound;",
"In a long <span class='purple'>purple</span> pall, whose skirt with gold,",
"That underneath his feet soon made a <span class='purple'>purple</span> plash.",
"And the clean waves with <span class='purple'>purple</span> gore did ray;",
"That a large <span class='purple'>purple</span> stream down their giambeux falls.",
"SOone as the morrow fair with <span class='purple'>purple</span> beams"
"red": [
"And in her cheeks the vermeil <span class='red'>red</span> did show",
"Are decked with blossoms died in white and <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"His ruddy lips did smile, and rosy <span class='red'>red</span>",
"At th’upper end there sat, clad in <span class='red'>red</span>",
"With herbs and fruits, whose kinds mote not be <span class='red'>red</span>:",
"Be <span class='red'>red</span>; that ever open stood to all,",
"But shame and sad reproach, here to be <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"And into a deep <span class='red'>sanguine</span> died the grassy ground.",
"That of the world least partly to us is <span class='red'>red</span>:",
"And plained of grievous outrage, which he <span class='red'>red</span>",
"So long they <span class='red'>red</span> in those antiquities,",
"With fair <span class='red'>vermilion</span> or pure Castory.",
"His steed was bloody <span class='red'>red</span>, and foamed ire,",
"All good and honour might therein be <span class='red'>red</span>:",
"Deep in his flesh, and opened wide a <span class='red'>red</span> floodgate.",
"Some as the Ruby, laughing sweetly <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"In whose dead face he <span class='red'>red</span> great magnanimity.",
"Out of the wound the <span class='red'>red</span> blood flowed fresh,",
"Als when his brother saw the <span class='red'>red</span> blood rail",
"His pricking arms, entrailed with roses <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"And ever and anon with rosy <span class='red'>red</span>",
"Of Phaedria (for so my name is <span class='red'>red</span>)"
"white": [
"All in a silken Camus lily <span class='white'>white</span>,",
"In whose <span class='white'>white</span> alabaster breast did stick",
"Learning his ship from those <span class='white'>white</span> rocks to save,",
"But rather showed more <span class='white'>white</span>, if more might be:",
"Or <span class='white'>ivory</span> into the waves were sent;",
"In robe of lily <span class='white'>white</span> she was arrayed,",
"Are decked with blossoms died in <span class='white'>white</span> and red,",
"That seemed the waves were into <span class='white'>ivory</span>,",
"In whose white <span class='white'>alabaster</span> breast did stick",
"And bared all his head unto the <span class='white'>bone</span>;",
"That hid no whit her <span class='white'>alabaster</span> skin,",
"Her <span class='white'>ivory</span> forehead, full of bounty brave,",
"Braunched with gold & <span class='white'>pearl</span>, most richly wrought,",
"It framed was of precious <span class='white'>ivory</span>,",
"That in his hand a <span class='white'>white</span> rod managed,",
"That her became, as polished <span class='white'>ivory</span>,"
"yellow": [
"Braunched with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> & pearl, most richly wrought,",
"And over all, of purest <span class='yellow'>gold</span> was spread,",
"And planted there, did bring forth fruit of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>:",
"Both roof, and floor, and walls were all of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Thy works for wealth, and life for <span class='yellow'>gold</span> engage.",
"Fountaines of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and silver to abound,",
"And them amongst, some were of burnished <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Was underneath enveloped with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Such seemed they, and so their <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> hear",
"To a broad gate, all built of beaten <span class='yellow'>gold</span>:",
"Yet <span class='yellow'>gold</span> all is not, that does golden seem,",
"Therefore he first wore crown of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> for dignity.",
"In her left hand a Cup of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> she held,",
"Embost with massy <span class='yellow'>gold</span> of glorious gift,",
"Why takest not of that same fruit of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"That service well. Her <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> golden hear",
"Her <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> locks crisped, Like golden wire,",
"Or where hast thou thy won, that so much <span class='yellow'>gold</span>",
"Great heaps of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, that never could be spent:",
"And otherwhiles with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> besprinkled;",
"She held a great <span class='yellow'>gold</span> chain linked well,",
"With silken curtains and <span class='yellow'>gold</span> coverlets,",
"In a long purple pall, whose skirt with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,"
"Book 3": {
"black": [
"Under thy mantle <span class='black'>black</span> there hidden lie,",
"Her covered with her <span class='black'>sable</span> vestiment,",
"As white seems fairer, matched with <span class='black'>black</span> atone;",
"Thy dwelling is, in Herebus <span class='black'>black</span> house,",
"Griefe all in <span class='black'>sable</span> sorrowfully clad,",
"His mother was the <span class='black'>black</span>-browd Cymoent,",
"By strong enchantments and <span class='black'>black</span> Magic lere,",
"And under the <span class='black'>black</span> veil of guilty Night,"
"blue": [
"She bath’d with roses red, and violets <span class='blue'>blue</span>,",
"All suddenly a stormy whirlwind <span class='blue'>blue</span>",
"He up gan lift towards the <span class='blue'>azure</span> skies,",
"And through the perceant air shoot forth their <span class='blue'>azure</span> streams.",
"Which still he <span class='blue'>blue</span>, and kindled busily,",
"That decked the <span class='blue'>azure</span> field with her fair powdered skin."
"gray": [
"Breakes forth her <span class='gray'>silver</span> beams, and her bright head",
"With price of <span class='gray'>silver</span> shall his kingdom buy,",
"Her <span class='gray'>silver</span> buskin's from her nimble thigh,",
"In <span class='gray'>silver</span> sockets, shining Like the skies,",
"Was drawn forth, and in <span class='gray'>silver</span> basin laid,",
"Now Bacchus fruit out of the <span class='gray'>silver</span> plate",
"Their watchet mantles fringed with <span class='gray'>silver</span> round,",
"Without adorn of gold or <span class='gray'>silver</span> bright,",
"Did shine with <span class='gray'>silver</span>, and shoot forth his beam.",
"Fast flying on a Courser dappled <span class='gray'>grey</span>,"
"green": [
"His tireling <span class='green'>jade</span> he fiercely forth did push,",
"And with their horned feet the <span class='green'>green</span> grass wore,",
"Planted with myrtle trees and laurels <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"Mantled with <span class='green'>green</span>, it self did spreaden wide,",
"And the <span class='green'>green</span> grass, that grows, they shall bren,",
"To have besprinkled all the grassy <span class='green'>green</span>;",
"The <span class='green'>green</span>-wood long did walk, and wander wide",
"Through the <span class='green'>green</span> grass his long bright burnished back declares.",
"That spear enchanted was, which laid thee on the <span class='green'>green</span>.",
"And breaking quite his garland ever <span class='green'>green</span>,"
"purple": [
"That drops of <span class='purple'>purple</span> blood thereout did weep,",
"Sad Amaranthus, in whose <span class='purple'>purple</span> gore"
"red": [
"With breathed flames, Like to a furnace <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Spoiled of their rosy <span class='red'>red</span>, were waxed pale and won.",
"Who with Sir Satyrane, as erst you <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"But who does wonder, that has <span class='red'>red</span> the Tower,",
"But in his eye his meaning wisely <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"That Like a lively <span class='red'>sanguine</span> it seem’d to the eye.",
"Be bold: she oft and oft it over-<span class='red'>red</span>,",
"And rich purveyance might uneath be <span class='red'>red</span>;",
"He <span class='red'>red</span>, and measur’d many a sad verse,",
"And all the while he <span class='red'>red</span>, she did extend",
"She proud of that new honour, which they <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"And of her self her name Belphoebe <span class='red'>red</span>:",
"She bath’d with roses <span class='red'>red</span>, and violets blue,",
"Whose sides empurpled were with smiling <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"And ever and anon the rosy <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Which well she <span class='red'>red</span> out of the learned line,",
"But the sage wizard tells, as he has <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Her with a <span class='red'>scarlet</span> mantle covered,",
"That died in sanguine <span class='red'>red</span> her skin all snowy clean.",
"That died in <span class='red'>sanguine</span> red her skin all snowy clean."
"white": [
"Was all abashed, and her pure <span class='white'>ivory</span>",
"Vpon that milk-<span class='white'>white</span> Palfreys carcase fed,",
"Vpon a milk-<span class='white'>white</span> Palfrey all alone,",
"And flame with gold, but the <span class='white'>white</span> foamy cream,",
"And eke through fear as white as whale's <span class='white'>bone</span>:",
"All in her snow-<span class='white'>white</span> smock, with locks unbound,",
"And on a Palfrey rides more <span class='white'>white</span> then snow,",
"As <span class='white'>white</span> seems fairer, matched with black atone;",
"And her <span class='white'>white</span> Palfrey having conquered",
"Gold, amber, <span class='white'>ivory</span>, pearls, ouches, rings,",
"Dropped adown upon her <span class='white'>ivory</span> breast:",
"Stretch her <span class='white'>white</span> rod over the Belgic shore,",
"Which that rich Roman of <span class='white'>white</span> marble wrought,",
"Her <span class='white'>alabaster</span> breast she soft did kiss,",
"And eke through fear as <span class='white'>white</span> as whale's bone:",
"Her breast all naked, as net <span class='white'>ivory</span>,"
"yellow": [
"Royally clad (quoth he) in cloth of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"That was with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and Ermines fair enveloped.",
"Some headed with sad led, some with pure <span class='yellow'>gold</span>;",
"In stead of <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> locks she did devise,",
"Without adorn of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> or silver bright,",
"And her fair locks were woven up in <span class='yellow'>gold</span>;",
"And her fair <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> locks behind her flew,",
"That glistered all with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and glorious show,",
"But with pure <span class='yellow'>gold</span> it all was overlaid,",
"Yet golden wire was not so <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> thrice",
"Of massy <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, which with his own light shone;",
"Woven with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and silk so close and never,",
"Her garments all were wrought of beaten <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"And round about fretted all with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"For <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, or pearls, or precious stones and hour,",
"That loves his fetters, though they were of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>.",
"All fretted round with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, and goodly well beseen.",
"That fame in trump of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> eternally displays.",
"Gold, <span class='yellow'>amber</span>, ivory, pearls, ouches, rings,",
"The one of iron, the other of bright <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"And flame with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, but the white foamy cream,"
"Book 4": {
"black": [
"Full <span class='black'>black</span> and grisly did his face appear,"
"blue": [
"A trumpet <span class='blue'>blue</span>; they both together met,",
"And eke the breathful bellows <span class='blue'>blue</span> amain,",
"Triton his trumpet shrill before them <span class='blue'>blue</span>,",
"And also those which won in th’<span class='blue'>azure</span> sky?",
"His foe was soon addressed: the trumpets freshly <span class='blue'>blue</span>."
"gray": [
"The <span class='gray'>grey</span> eyed Doris: all which fifty are;",
"As with a robe, with her own <span class='gray'>silver</span> hair,",
"That seem’d Like <span class='gray'>silver</span>, sprinkled here and there",
"Deawed with <span class='gray'>silver</span> drops, through sweating soar;",
"The chalky Kenet, and the Thetis <span class='gray'>grey</span>,",
"With head all hoary, and his beard all <span class='gray'>grey</span>,",
"Her <span class='gray'>silver</span> feet, fair washed against this day:",
"Dewed with <span class='gray'>silver</span> drops, that trickled down always.",
"His <span class='gray'>silver</span> Harp in hand, and shortly friends them make.",
"With <span class='gray'>silver</span> streams amongst the linen stray’d;",
"The next, the stubborn Newre, whose waters <span class='gray'>grey</span>"
"green": [
"All goodly damsels, decked with long <span class='green'>green</span> hair,",
"As plain as at the first, when they were fresh and <span class='green'>green</span>.",
"No tree, that is of count, in <span class='green'>green</span>-wood grows,",
"Fresh Alimeda, decked with garland <span class='green'>green</span>;",
"His wast was with a wreathe of ivy <span class='green'>green</span>"
"purple": [
"At length did mark about her <span class='purple'>purple</span> breast",
"Thence streams of <span class='purple'>purple</span> blood issuing rife,",
"With nimble wings of gold and <span class='purple'>purple</span> hew;",
"And pour’d the <span class='purple'>purple</span> blood forth on the grass;",
"That all the ground with <span class='purple'>purple</span> blood was sprented,"
"red": [
"That who he whilom was, uneath was to be <span class='red'>red</span>.",
"Which when I <span class='red'>red</span>, my heart did inly earn,",
"Of beasts, or of the earth, I have not <span class='red'>red</span>:",
"Which love he <span class='red'>red</span> to be, that leads each living kind.",
"Here well I ween, when as these rhymes be <span class='red'>red</span>",
"That by her monstrous shape might easily be <span class='red'>red</span>.",
"And wondrous shoal, which may of none be <span class='red'>red</span>."
"white": [
"Whose <span class='white'>ivory</span> shoulders weren covered all,",
"And all the others pavement were with <span class='white'>ivory</span> spilled.",
"The which was all in lily <span class='white'>white</span> arrayed,",
"Fairest Pherusa, Phao lily <span class='white'>white</span>,",
"With <span class='white'>pearl</span> & precious stone, worth many a mark;",
"Poudred with <span class='white'>pearl</span> and stone, and all her gown"
"yellow": [
"Enwoven was with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, that reached full low a down.",
"With <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and many a gorgeous ornament,",
"Vnto the vulgar for good <span class='yellow'>gold</span> instead,",
"Yet quail in conquest of that land of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>.",
"And round about the same, her <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> hear",
"Of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, that bade eyes might it not profane:",
"With nimble wings of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and purple hew;",
"No less then perfect <span class='yellow'>gold</span> surmounts the meanest brass.",
"For shining <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, nor mouldering clay it was;"
"Book 5": {
"black": [
"Breathing out clouds of sulphur fowl and <span class='black'>black</span>,",
"Enwallow’d in his own <span class='black'>black</span> bloody gore,",
"Within his mouth a <span class='black'>black</span> spot does appear,"
"blue": [
"As when two suns appear in the <span class='blue'>azure</span> sky,",
"Her lips were Like raw leather, pale and <span class='blue'>blue</span>,"
"brown": [
"Of colour rusty <span class='brown'>brown</span>, but sure and strong;"
"gray": [
"The which was framed all of <span class='gray'>silver</span> fine,",
"Like coals, that through a <span class='gray'>silver</span> Censer sparkle bright.",
"Woven upon with <span class='gray'>silver</span>, subtly wrought,",
"And here and there shooting forth <span class='gray'>silver</span> streams,",
"First rings his <span class='gray'>silver</span> Bell t’each sleepy wight,",
"All clad in linen robes with <span class='gray'>silver</span> hemmed;",
"Hemd all about with fringe of <span class='gray'>silver</span> twine.",
"With golden hands and <span class='gray'>silver</span> feet beside,",
"And royal gifts of gold and <span class='gray'>silver</span> wrought,",
"And eke her feet, those feet of <span class='gray'>silver</span> try,",
"The Kingdoms care, with a white <span class='gray'>silver</span> head,"
"green": [
"To him he hath, before this Castle <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"But scattered all about, and strow’d upon the <span class='green'>green</span>.",
"Burnisht with bloody rust, while on the <span class='green'>green</span>"
"purple": [
"The morrow next appear’d, with <span class='purple'>purple</span> hair",
"That glancing down his thigh, the <span class='purple'>purple</span> blood forth drew.",
"The which she covering with her <span class='purple'>purple</span> pall",
"All in a Camis light of <span class='purple'>purple</span> silk",
"And all his armour did with <span class='purple'>purple</span> die;",
"For they were all, they say, of <span class='purple'>purple</span> hew,"
"red": [
"Her linen stole to robe of <span class='red'>scarlet</span> red,",
"Whose Like before she never saw nor <span class='red'>red</span>;",
"And if then those may any worse be <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Her linen stole to robe of scarlet <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"That he had <span class='red'>red</span> her Riddle, which no wight",
"Decking her cheek with a <span class='red'>vermilion</span> rose:",
"The fruitful vine, whose liquour bloody <span class='red'>red</span>",
"Or what so penance shall by you be <span class='red'>red</span>.",
"So now Malfont was plainly to be <span class='red'>red</span>;",
"Nor of ought else, that may be richest <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"That many high regards and reasons gainst her <span class='red'>red</span>.",
"And all her bones might through her cheeks be <span class='red'>red</span>;"
"white": [
"Of costly <span class='white'>ivory</span>, full rich beseen,",
"Those he devours, they say, both flesh and <span class='white'>bone</span>:",
"She stretched forth a long <span class='white'>white</span> slender wand.",
"The Kingdoms care, with a <span class='white'>white</span> silver head,",
"Of earthly mould, and form’d of flesh and <span class='white'>bone</span>,",
"And quilted upon satin <span class='white'>white</span> as milk,",
"A bevy of fair Virgins clad in <span class='white'>white</span>,",
"And put before his lap a apron <span class='white'>white</span>,",
"Vnto the <span class='white'>bone</span>, and made a grisly wound,"
"yellow": [
"And royal gifts of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> and silver wrought,",
"Basted with bends of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> on every side,",
"There he that Idol saw of massy <span class='yellow'>gold</span>",
"With shining <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, and arched over head,",
"His Lyons skin changed to a pall of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Vpon a throne of <span class='yellow'>gold</span> full bright and sheen,",
"And all their tops bright glistering with <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Not of rich tissue, nor of cloth of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"And garnished all with <span class='yellow'>gold</span> upon the blade",
"For gifts of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, or any worldly glee,",
"But he her suppliant hands, those hands of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Vnder and heap of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>. Thence he her drew",
"Dearer is love then life, and fame then <span class='yellow'>gold</span>;",
"Glistring Like <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, amongst the plights enrolled,",
"And Moon-Like Mitre to a Crown of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Whilest he to gathering of the <span class='yellow'>gold</span> did fallen.",
"Vppon her head she wore a Crown of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,"
"Book 6": {
"black": [
"His broad <span class='black'>black</span> wings had through the heavens wide",
"With which his locks, as <span class='black'>black</span> as pitchy night,",
"Of these poor folk, whose souls with <span class='black'>black</span> dishonour"
"blue": [
"Clad all in gilded arms, with <span class='blue'>azure</span> band"
"gray": [
"His <span class='gray'>silver</span> waves did softly tumble down,",
"The whiles his Lord in <span class='gray'>silver</span> slumber lay,",
"Of Lincoln green, belayed with <span class='gray'>silver</span> lace;",
"But all the night in <span class='gray'>silver</span> sleep I spend,",
"Whose <span class='gray'>silver</span> locks bedecked his beard and head,",
"Where it in <span class='gray'>silver</span> bower does hidden lie"
"green": [
"Clad in home-made <span class='green'>green</span> that her own hands had died.",
"Though sitting down by them upon the <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"Of few <span class='green'>green</span> turfs and altar soon they feigned,",
"Of all that ranges in the forest <span class='green'>green</span>;",
"Her tireling <span class='green'>jade</span>, was bent her to abuse;",
"Vpon a mangy <span class='green'>jade</span> unmeetly set,",
"Deckt with <span class='green'>green</span> boughs, and flowers gay beseen.",
"To the <span class='green'>green</span> wood, to gather strawberries,",
"Of Lincoln <span class='green'>green</span>, belayed with silver lace;",
"He durst not enter into th’open <span class='green'>green</span>,"
"purple": [
"The little <span class='purple'>purple</span> rose, which thereon grew,",
"That at the last Like to a <span class='purple'>purple</span> lake",
"When he beheld the streams of <span class='purple'>purple</span> blood",
"She mote perceive a little <span class='purple'>purple</span> mould,"
"red": [
"It fortun’d then, that when the rolls were <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"That plainly may in this wild man be <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Both of his words, which he with reason <span class='red'>red</span>;",
"So taking counsel of a wise man <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"And salvage with their blood fresh steeming <span class='red'>red</span>,"
"white": [
"Her <span class='white'>ivory</span> neck, her alabaster breast,",
"Chaunst to espy upon her <span class='white'>ivory</span> chest",
"Her paps, which Like <span class='white'>white</span> silken pillows were,",
"Like the fair <span class='white'>ivory</span> shining they did see,",
"Vpon her <span class='white'>ivory</span> forehead that same day",
"An hundred naked maidens lily <span class='white'>white</span>,",
"Being unable to digest that <span class='white'>bone</span>;",
"Her tender sides, her belly <span class='white'>white</span> and clear,",
"Her ivory neck, her <span class='white'>alabaster</span> breast,"
"yellow": [
"Hayling that maiden by the <span class='yellow'>yellow</span> hear,",
"So forth he drew much <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, and towards him it drive.",
"The wisest sight, to think <span class='yellow'>gold</span> that is brass.",
"They did esteem, and offered store of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>.",
"And taking from her hand a ring of <span class='yellow'>gold</span>,",
"Pinckt upon <span class='yellow'>gold</span>, and paled partly per partly,"
"Calender": {
"black": [
"Her mantle <span class='black'>black</span> through heaven gan overhaile.",
"To quite it from the <span class='black'>black</span> bower of sorrow.",
"The blue in <span class='black'>black</span>, the green in grey is tinct,",
"Here no night Ravene lodge more <span class='black'>black</span> then pitch,"
"blue": [
"The <span class='blue'>blue</span> in black, the green in grey is tinct,"
"brown": [
"And helms unbruzed wexen daily <span class='brown'>brown</span>."
"gray": [
"heigh ho <span class='gray'>grey</span> is greet,",
"The blue in black, the green in <span class='gray'>grey</span> is tinct,",
"The <span class='gray'>silver</span> suvanne does sing before her dying day",
"Well decked in a frock of <span class='gray'>grey</span>,",
"And <span class='gray'>silver</span> bow, which was but slack,",
"She home return, whose voices <span class='gray'>silver</span> found",
"Run after hastily thy <span class='gray'>silver</span> found.",
"Of fair Elisa be your <span class='gray'>silver</span> song,",
"Show thy self Cyntbia with thy <span class='gray'>silver</span> rays,",
"But now the <span class='gray'>grey</span> moss marred his rind,",
"Or as Dame Cynthia's <span class='gray'>silver</span> ray"
"green": [
"Alike as others, girded in gawdy <span class='green'>green</span>?",
"See, where she sits upon the grassy <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"With <span class='green'>green</span> leaves, the bushes with blooming Buds.",
"And Primroses <span class='green'>green</span>",
"Yode forth abroad unto the <span class='green'>green</span> wood,",
"The fields ay fresh, the grass ay <span class='green'>green</span>:",
"And crowing in pipes made of <span class='green'>green</span> corn,",
"Though to the <span class='green'>green</span> Wood they speeden hem all,",
"The blue in black, the <span class='green'>green</span> in grey is tinct,",
"The Muses, that were wont <span class='green'>green</span> bays to wear,",
"There grew and aged Tree on the <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"Harken awhile from thy <span class='green'>green</span> cabinet,",
"She might ne gang on the <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"You shepherd's daughters, that dwell on the <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"And in a Kirtle of <span class='green'>green</span> say,",
"With Leaves engrained in lusty <span class='green'>green</span>,",
"But were thy years <span class='green'>green</span>, as now be mine,",
"the <span class='green'>green</span> is for maidens meet:"
"purple": [
"They be clad in <span class='purple'>purple</span> and pall, so hath their God them blessed,",
"With wings of <span class='purple'>purple</span> and blew.",
"Bring hither the Pincke and <span class='purple'>purple</span> Cullambine,"
"red": [
"And <span class='red'>scarlet</span> berries in Summer time?",
"And when his honour has thee <span class='red'>red</span>,",
"Died in Lily white, and Cremsin <span class='red'>red</span>,"
"white": [
"And Ermines <span class='white'>white</span>.",
"Their <span class='white'>ivory</span> Luyts and Tamburins forgo:",
"That weening his White head was <span class='white'>chalk</span>, a shell fish down let fly:",
"That first the <span class='white'>white</span> bear to the stake did bring.",
"Died in Lily <span class='white'>white</span>, and Cremsin red,"
"yellow": [
"And he that strives to touch the stars, oft stumbles at a <span class='yellow'>straw</span>,",
"so you may buy <span class='yellow'>gold</span> to deer.",
"Ygyrt with belts of glitterand <span class='yellow'>gold</span>. (might they good shepherds be)"
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