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Last active January 5, 2022 21:22
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# ./lib/scihist/blacklight_solr_repository.rb
module Scihist
# Custom sub-class of stock blacklight, to override build_connection
# to provide custom faraday middleware for HTTP retries
# This may not be a totally safe forwards-compat Blacklight API
# thing to do, but the only/best way we could find to add-in
# Solr retries.
class BlacklightSolrRepository < Blacklight::Solr::Repository
# this is really only here for use in testing, skip the wait in tests
class_attribute :zero_interval_retry, default: false
# call super, but then mutate the faraday_connection on
# the returned RSolr 2.x+ client, to customize the middleware
# and add retry.
def build_connection(*_args, **_kwargs)
super.tap do |rsolr_client|
faraday_connection = rsolr_client.connection
# remove if already present, so we can add our own
# remove so we can make sure it's there AND added AFTER our
# retry, so our retry can succesfully catch it's exceptions
# add retry middleware with our own confiuration
# Retry at most twice, once after 300ms, then if needed after
# another 600 ms (backoff_factor set to result in that)
# Slow, but the idea is slow is better than an error, and our
# app is already kinda slow.
# Retry not only the default Faraday exception classes (including timeouts),
# but also Solr returning a 404 or 502. Which gets converted to
# Faraday error because RSolr includes raise_error middleware already.
# Log retries. I wonder if there's a way to have us alerted if
# there are more than X in some time window Y...
faraday_connection.request :retry, {
interval: (zero_interval_retry ? 0 : 0.300),
# exponential backoff 2 means: 1) 0.300; 2) .600; 3) 1.2; 4) 2.4
backoff_factor: 2,
# But we only allow the first two before giving up.
max: 2,
exceptions: [
# default faraday retry exceptions
Faraday::RetriableResponse, # important to include when overriding!
# we add some that could be Solr/jetty restarts, based
# on our observations:
Faraday::ConnectionFailed, # nothing listening there at all,
Faraday::ResourceNotFound, # HTTP 404
Faraday::ServerError # any HTTP 5xx
retry_block: -> (env, options, retries_remaining, exc) do
Rails.logger.warn("Retrying Solr request: HTTP #{env["status"]}: #{exc.class}: retry #{options.max - retries_remaining}")
# other things we could log include `env.url` and `env.response.body`
# important to add this AFTER retry, to make sure retry can
# rescue and retry it's errors
faraday_connection.response :raise_error
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