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Last active January 24, 2016 06:39
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sudo route -n delete
sudo route -n add -net -interface $interface
docker-machine rm $machine_name
docker-machine create --driver virtualbox $machine_name
eval "$(docker-machine env $machine_name)"
# Troubleshooting
# Figure out what interface you're using to get to the machine
# route -n get | grep interface
# Figure out what interface is actually listening in the 192.168.99.* address space.
# ifconfig | grep "inet 192.168.99" -B 2
# If you're running into issues, pass the -D flag to docker-machine:
# docker-machine create --driver virtualbox $machine_name -D
# Note: It's okay if you see errors early on like:
# ssh exit code 255
# Daemon not responding yet: dial tcp connection refused
# I think these are just happening because the VM isn't ready yet after a
# previous operation.
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