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Ruby scripts for parsing the output from the Common Crawl URL index:
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# a quick, simple script to partially parse output from
# and output subdomains in order of count
url_counts = {}
total_urls = 0
File.readlines(ARGV[0]).each do |line|
url = line.split(' ').first
reverse_hostname = url.split('/').first
hostname = reverse_hostname.split('.').reverse.join('.')
url_counts[hostname] ||= 0
url_counts[hostname] += 1
total_urls += 1
urls_sorted_by_count = url_counts.sort_by{|key, value| value}.reverse
urls_sorted_by_count.each do |url, count|
puts "#{count.to_s.rjust(5)}: #{url}"
puts "Total URLs: #{total_urls}"
puts "Total hostnames: #{urls_sorted_by_count.length}"
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# common_crawl_hostname_search.rb
# A simple script to take the output from the Common Crawl URL index and query
# for full URLs matching a particular hostname.
# Note that queries are done in reverse order like queries on the URL index itself,
# but the matching is more exact for the subdomain. URLs are output in normal order.
# common_crawl_hostname_search.rb path/to/url_index_output.txt com.example
require 'json'
require 'date'
file = ARGV[0]
query = ARGV[1]
matching_urls = File.readlines(ARGV[0]).map do |line|
if /^#{query}/.match(line)
line_parts = line.split(' ')
reversed_url = line_parts.shift
# url
url_parts = reversed_url.split('/')
reverse_hostname = url_parts.shift
hostname = reverse_hostname.split('.').reverse.join('.')
path_with_protocol = url_parts.join('/')
protocol = path_with_protocol.split(':').last
path = path_with_protocol.sub(/:#{protocol}$/, '')
# segment date
json = line_parts.join(' ')
json.gsub!("'", '"')
data = JSON.parse(json)
epoch_date = data['arcFileDate'] / 1000 # milliseconds to seconds
date = DateTime.strptime(epoch_date.to_s, '%s')
"#{date} #{protocol}://#{hostname}/#{path}"
puts matching_urls
puts "Total matching URLs: #{matching_urls.length}"
#! /usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rdf'
require 'rdf/nquads'
contexts = [][0]) do |reader|
reader.each_statement do |statement|
if !statement.context.nil?
contexts << statement.context
puts contexts.sort
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