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Created Dec 16, 2009
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~/projects/jruby ➔ jruby -J-Djruby.ji.newStyleExtension=true impl.rb
class Foo_2071503186
class org.jruby.RubyObject
class Foo2_2071503278
class java.lang.Object
~/projects/jruby ➔ cat impl.rb
require 'java'
require 'jruby'
class Foo
include java.lang.Runnable
f =
# inspect the object from the Java side of the world
ref = JRuby.reference(f)
puts ref.getClass
puts ref.getClass.getSuperclass
class Foo2 < java.lang.Object
include java.lang.Runnable
f2 =
# inspect again
ref = JRuby.reference(f2)
puts ref.getClass
puts ref.getClass.getSuperclass
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