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Created February 19, 2009 13:51
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Scala-Metaprogramming: Towers of Hanoi
* This is the Towers of Hanoi example from the prolog tutorial [1]
* converted into Scala, using implicits to unfold the algorithm at
* compile-time.
* [1]
object TowersOfHanoi {
import scala.reflect.Manifest
def simpleName(m:Manifest[_]):String = {
val name = m.toString
trait Nat
final class _0 extends Nat
final class Succ[Pre<:Nat] extends Nat
type _1 = Succ[_0]
type _2 = Succ[_1]
type _3 = Succ[_2]
type _4 = Succ[_3]
case class Move[N<:Nat,A,B,C]()
implicit def move0[A,B,C](implicit a:Manifest[A],b:Manifest[B]):Move[_0,A,B,C] = {
System.out.println("Move from "+simpleName(a)+" to "+simpleName(b));null
implicit def moveN[P<:Nat,A,B,C](implicit m1:Move[P,A,C,B],m2:Move[_0,A,B,C],m3:Move[P,C,B,A])
:Move[Succ[P],A,B,C] = null
def run[N<:Nat,A,B,C](implicit m:Move[N,A,B,C]) = null
case class Left()
case class Center()
case class Right()
def main(args:Array[String]){
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HusrevAtSky commented Feb 26, 2018

Using shapeless I created a version which moves the result to the type.
It obviously ruins the 'self-contained'ness of the gist, but here it is:

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