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jschiefner / Suggestion Text Field
Created October 26, 2023 21:08
Autocomplete Suggestion TextField in SwiftUI

SwiftUI TextField with Suggestions

I din't find an easy way to create a SwiftUI TextField which gives the user autocompletion in the sense of filling the TextField with the completion word and highlighting the suffix, so the user can type uninterruptedly, but if there is a suggestion it will be filled in. Here is a simple implementation of this for a SwiftUI TextField:

import SwiftUI

struct SuggestionTextField: View {
  let name: String
  @Binding var text: String

Setup Altserver Linux on Raspberry Pi with Wifi Refresh

This is a rough outline on how to setup altserver-linux on the 🍓🍰. Wifi refreshing is enabled through the use of netmuxd, which acts as a proxy from AltServer to the iDevice (replaces/enhances usbmuxd).

Tutorials used