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Created November 5, 2015 09:27
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Make React PropType warnings throw errors in Jasmine/Jest
var util = require('util');
// nobody cares about warnings so lets make them errors
// keep a reference to the original console methods
var consoleWarn = console.warn;
var consoleError = console.error;
function logToError() {
throw new Error(util.format.apply(this, arguments).replace(/^Error: (?:Warning: )?/, ''));
jasmine.getEnv().beforeEach(function() {
// make calls to console.warn and console.error throw an error
console.warn = logToError;
console.error = logToError;
jasmine.getEnv().afterEach(function() {
// return console.warn and console.error to default behaviour
console.warn = consoleWarn;
console.error = consoleError;
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