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Created August 20, 2020 15:25
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Multi-dimensional array regex hell
// 3- Take listItemsArray and loop through it w/ regex
for (var i = 0; i < listItemsArray.length; i++) {
// 4- Use regex to break each list item into five pieces
listItemsTemp[i] = listItemsArray[i].match(/(<li\b(?:>\s+(?:id="([^"]*)"|class="([^"]*)")|[^\s>]+|\s+)*>)|((<\w+\b>)|(<a\shref=".*">)|(.+?(?=<))|(<\/\w+\b)>)/g);
// 5- Setup listItemsRearranged[i] with an array of listItemsTemp.length
listItemsRearranged[i] = new Array(listItemsTemp.length);
// 6- Take listItemsTemp and reassign positions
// We can do this because our string will always have five pieces
listItemsRearranged[i][0] = listItemsTemp[i][1];
listItemsRearranged[i][1] = listItemsTemp[i][0];
listItemsRearranged[i][2] = listItemsTemp[i][2];
listItemsRearranged[i][3] = listItemsTemp[i][4];
listItemsRearranged[i][4] = listItemsTemp[i][3];
// 7- Join the array back into a string
listItemsRearrangedConcat[i] = listItemsRearranged[i].join("");
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