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OAuthSimple w/ LinkedIn
<title>OAuthSimple w/ LinkedIn</title>
<script src="OAuthSimple.js"></script>
You must edit the two following lines and put in your consumer key and shared secret
var consumer_key = "";
var shared_secret = "";
Nothing below here needs to be edited for the demo to operate
var oauth_info = {};
var oauth = OAuthSimple(consumer_key, shared_secret);
function parse_response(response, callback) {
response.replace(new RegExp("([^?=&]+)(=([^&]*))?", "g"), function($0, $1, $2, $3) { oauth_info[$1] = $3; });;
function authorize_url() {
set_url("" + oauth_info.oauth_token, document.getElementById("au"));
function access_token_url(pin) {
var url = oauth.sign({action: "GET", path: "", parameters: {oauth_verifier: pin}, signatures: oauth_info}).signed_url;
set_url(url, document.getElementById("at"));
function fetch_profile_url() {
var url = oauth.sign({action: "GET", path: "", signatures: oauth_info}).signed_url;
set_url(url, document.getElementById("fp"));
function set_url(url, element) {
element.value = url;
var span = document.createElement("span");
span.innerHTML = "&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href='" + url + "' target='_blank'>Open</a>";
element.parentNode.insertBefore(span, element.nextSibling);
window.onload = function() {
var url = oauth.sign({action: "GET", path: "", parameters: {oauth_callback: "oob"}}).signed_url;
set_url(url, document.getElementById("rt"));
<h1>OAuthSimple w/ LinkedIn</h1>
<label for="rt">Request Token URL:</label> <input type="text" size="100" name="rt" id="rt">
<label for="rtr">Request Token Response:</label><br><textarea rows="5" cols="75" name="rtr" id="rtr"></textarea>
<button onclick="javascript:parse_response(document.getElementById('rtr').value, authorize_url)">Parse Response</button>
<label for="au">Authorize URL:</label> <input type="text" size="100" name="au" id="au">
<label for="vp">Verifier PIN Code:</label> <input type="text" size="100" name="vp" id="vp">
<button onclick="javascript:access_token_url(document.getElementById('vp').value)">Get Access Token URL</button>
<label for="at">Access Token URL:</label> <input type="text" size="100" name="at" id="at">
<label for="atr">Access Token Response:</label><br><textarea rows="5" cols="75" name="atr" id="atr"></textarea>
<button onclick="javascript:parse_response(document.getElementById('atr').value, fetch_profile_url)">Parse Response</button>
<label for="fp">Fetch Profile URL:</label> <input type="text" size="100" name="fp" id="fp">


anuj14 commented Feb 9, 2015

This code is good but some issue in it.First one is that why it is not showing url directly with access token and second one is that after some modification i am getting some issue-

You have successfully authorized ****

Please return to your application and enter the following security code to grant access:
Why i am getting this?

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