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Created April 19, 2012 17:48
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Mozillians Git-Fu
# Mozillians Git-Fu.
# Useful steps for moving around git branches and servers related to
# the Mozillians release process. Any dev should be able to do these
# in a pinch, there are no special privileges.
# Always assuming 'origin' refers to
# Current branch is in () in my pseudo-prompt.
# HowTo: Cut a new 'next' branch.
# After tagging, we wipe out the current next branch and fork from
# the current master. Master never has to freeze, and next is stable
# for QA.
mozillians(master)$ git pull --rebase origin master
Already up to date.
mozillians(master)$ git branch -d next # If you have a local next branch, remove it.
mozillians(master)$ git checkout -b next # Create a new local next branch from master.
mozillians(next)$ git push -f origin next # Overwrite the current next on github.
# Tada! baconmatt should notify about the push and trigger the mozillians_next
# Jenkins build. Now all you need to do is file a bug to update -stage.
# HowTo: Tag a release.
# Once QA has signed off on -stage and all the bugs in a release, we can tag it
# in git for IT to deploy. After tagging, we can cut a new next branch, as above.
mozillians(master)$ git fetch origin
mozillians(master)$ git checkout origin/next # Optionally with -t. Your call.
mozillians((abcdefg1234))$ git tag YYYY-MM-DD # ISO dates FTW.
mozillians((YYYY-MM-DD))$ git push --tags origin
# Now IT has a tag ready to fetch and deploy! Yay!
# HowTo: Cherry-pick to next
# When QA is verifying a bug on -stage/next and finds an issue, or if
# a patch has to land after the train has left the -dev/master station
# (either because Product thinks it's critical, or we do, or...) we
# can catch up to the train by cherry-picking.
# Patches should *always* be written against master, and landed on
# master first, *unless* it's for a bug or issue that only exists on
# next. This is rare, but does happen.
# Once the pull req is r+d, and has landed on master (via the merge
# button or a fast-forward merge) the commit(s) should be cherry-picked
# to next, next pushed to github, and redeployed to stage.
mozillians(master)$ git branch -d next # Make sure your local next is up to date.
mozillians(master)$ git fetch origin
mozillians(master)$ git pull --rebase origin master
mozillians(master)$ git checkout -t origin/next # Create a local next branch.
mozillians(next)$ git cherry-pick <sha1>
mozillians(next)$ git push origin next # You shouldn't need to push -f here.
# Woot! Now file an IT bug to redeploy next to stage.
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