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How to make the Webster's 1913 your default Kindle dictionary

How to make the Webster's 1913 your default Kindle dictionary

  1. Download a Kindle-compatible version of the dictionary here. Unzip the .rar archive.

  2. Get the "Send to Kindle" program on your computer. Here's the link for the Mac.

  3. Right-click your recently downloaded (unzipped) dictionary file, and click the "Send to Kindle" menu item. It will arrive on your Kindle shortly.

  4. Once the dictionary has arrived, go to your settings -- on my newish paperwhite, it's at Home > Settings > Device Options > Language and Dictionaries > Dictionaries > English. Choose the Webster's 1913.

  5. Voila! Every time you highlight a word, you should get Webster's definition.

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Kab87 commented Jul 26, 2017

It says it downloaded but I cannot find it on my device

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mampersat commented Jun 9, 2019

On my Kindle paperwhite, as of 2019-06-09 the navigation is: home -> settings -> all settings -> Languages & Dictionaries -> Dictionaries -> English

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Hey! The link doesn't open...

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The 1st one I mean.

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jsomers commented Dec 8, 2020

@joaolmaliska Thanks for the note. Sadly I'm not sure how I found that link the first place. If anyone can find a replacement, post a comment here and I'll fix the gist.

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