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Instructions for using Webster's 1913 on Android

To use Webster's 1913 dictionary on Android, install Colordict 3, an app that accepts this StarDict format.

Next download James's S3 archive.

You will need to extract the .dict file from inside three containers - .dz, .tar, .bz2 from innermost to outermost. 7zip handles all of these formats.

Place the .dict, .idx and .ifo files in the dictdata directory on your sdcard or local storage root. This is where colordict looks for dictionaries.

When the files are in the right place, you can run Colordict and tap the folder icon in the top right to see the dictionaries installed and set the dictionary priority. I put the 1913 dictionary above the defaults "Wordnet" and "Wikipedia." When you look up a word, ColorDict shows the definition, if available, from these multiple sources.

Finally if you want to use this to define words in your ebooks I recommend the excellent app FBReader.

To configure FBReader to show definitions when you long press a word, open FBReader settings and go to Dictionary. Set Dictionary to ColorDict 3 and set Long Tapping Action to "Long tap selects single word, release opens dictionary."

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