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Last active May 29, 2018

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forwards guild wars 2 wvw stats to graphite
import requests
from requests import exceptions
import json
import time
import graphyte
# setup:
# pip3 install requests graphyte
match_url = ''
matches_dict = {}
graphyte.init('localhost', prefix='gw2.wvw') # change to your server
# structure:
# gw2.wvw.matchup.color.victory_points
# gw2.wvw.matchup.color.score
# gw2.wvw.matchup.color.kills
# gw2.wvw.matchup.color.deaths
def get_match_list():
global matches_dict
m = requests.get(match_url)
match_list = json.loads(m.text)
except exceptions:
now = time.time()
print(now, ' failed to get matches:\n\n')
for match_id in match_list:
matches_dict[match_id] = (match_url + "/" + match_id)
def poll_match(url):
global match_data
r = requests.get(url)
match_data = json.loads(r.text)
except exceptions:
now = time.time()
print(now, ' failed to get match data:\n\n')
def get_score():
global match_data
for vp_team, victory_points in match_data['victory_points'].items():
graphyte.send(str(m_id) + "." + vp_team + ".victory_points", victory_points)
for s_team, total_score in match_data['scores'].items():
graphyte.send(str(m_id) + "." + s_team + ".score", total_score)
def get_total_kills():
global match_data
for tk_team, tk_kills in match_data['kills'].items():
graphyte.send(str(m_id) + "." + tk_team + ".kills", tk_kills)
def get_total_deaths():
global match_data
for td_team, td_deaths in match_data['deaths'].items():
graphyte.send(str(m_id) + "." + td_team + ".deaths", td_deaths)
def zone_stats():
for m_team, m_score in zone.get('scores').items():
graphyte.send(str(m_id) + "." + m_team + "." + mapname + ".score", m_score)
for k_team, k_kills in zone.get('kills').items():
for d_team, d_deaths in zone.get('deaths').items():
if k_team in d_team:
graphyte.send(str(m_id) + "." + k_team + "." + mapname + ".kills", k_kills)
graphyte.send(str(m_id) + "." + d_team + "." + mapname + ".deaths", d_deaths)
def get_map_stats():
global match_data
global zone
global mapname
for zone in match_data['maps']:
if zone.get('type') == "Center":
mapname = "eternal_bg"
if zone.get('type') == "GreenHome":
mapname = "green_bl"
if zone.get('type') == "BlueHome":
mapname = "blue_bl"
if zone.get('type') == "RedHome":
mapname = "red_bl"
if __name__ == '__main__':
while True:
get_match_list() # doing this in case tier count changes due to de-links
for m_id, m_url in matches_dict.items():
time.sleep(30) # this is 20 req/min, max to api is 600/min

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json-m commented May 29, 2018

this was like my 2nd python script ever, so i'm open to improvements

you can load these into graphite directly or grafana like so:
aliasByNode(*.kills, 4)

demo this with:

docker run -d --name=graphite --restart=unless-stopped -p 80:80 -p 2003-2004:2003-2004 -p 2023-2024:2023-2024 -p 8125:8125/udp -p 8126:8126 -p 8080:8080 graphiteapp/graphite-statsd
docker run -d --name=grafana --restart=unless-stopped -p 3000 -e GF_SERVER_ROOT_URL="http://localhost" -e "GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD=supersecure" grafana/grafana
  1. go to http://localhost:3000/
  2. login with admin/supersecure,
  3. add graphite datasource as http://localhost:8080
  4. start building dashboards

or you can go to http://localhost/ to access graphite if you prefer

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