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Starbase ISAN document
A=1000 n=1000 pr=0 sp=0 div=(9.6+2.4*pr)*n so=1-sp o=160000 e=8*o c=""
z="origin_" mr=z+"north" br=z+"south" cr=z+"east" z+="west" sm="\nS: "
u=e*3/13 l=2*o mm=l*13/19 k=e*3/19 x/=so sm=c s=c sl="\nsignal lost"
rr="ISAN2 :_\n " xm="\nX: " ym="\nY: " zm="\nZ: " nn=l*13/3
ej=16*sp h="Q" pj=14-pr b=0.5 p=1000000 :at=mr :bt=br :ct=cr :dt=z x=0
t=p-:a t*=t i=p-:b i*=i g=p-:c g*=g f=p-:d f*=f x/=:a*:b*:c*:d goto14
h="M" t=p-:a t*=t er=(t-el)/4 el=t x/=:a :at=br x=8 gotopj// ISAN
i=p-:a i*=i fr=(i-fl)/4 fl=i x/=:a :at=cr x=9 gotopj// From Collective
g=p-:a g*=g gr=(g-gl)/4 gl=g x/=:a :at=z x=10 gotopj// v2.5 - 190821
f=p-:a f*=f hr=(f-hl)/4 hl=f x/=:a :at=mr x=7 gotopj
st=:_!=c :_=rr+"\n\n "+(:at-"origin_")+sl goto 11*(:a==0)*st
st=:_!=c :_=rr+"\n\n can't see\n recievers" goto 12*st
t+=er i+=fr g+=gr f+=hr //ISAN doc: - Starmap:
x+=(6-x)*(x<7) xx=(t+i)/e+g/u-f/k yy=i/l-t/mm+(g+f)/nn zz=(g+f-t-i)/o
st=:_==c :_=rr+h+xm+xx/n*A+ym+yy/n*A+zm+zz/n*A+sm+s gotoej+x*so+p*st
w+=xx uu+=yy vv+=zz r=w-tu j=uu-uv v=vv-vt ej+=(ii++%3)>1 gotox
m=(r*r+j*j+v*v)^b s=m/div*A tu=w uv=uu vt=vv w=0 uu=0 vv=0 ej=16 gotox
st=:_!=c :_=rr+"\nSpeed can't run on basic chip. set sp=0" goto 18*st
// Alignment coming soon! Currently in beta test.
st=:_!=c :_=rr+"\n\n ISAN2\n OFFLINE" goto 20*st
// <-------------- this line is 70 characters long ------------------>

Insane coordinates within reception range

  • Restart ISAN
  • Reset receivers
  • Reset text panel
  • Conflicting variable in network? You can test by resetting receivers, then checking the network for variables used by them. The most likely conflict is on A,B… not #T

Streamer Mode/ISAN Is Offline

  • Your code paste is probably bad
  • Speed mode on basic chip (error handling added in v2.5)

My speed is wrong/slow/whatever

  • You're on sub v2.5 release
  • Ship editor known issue?
  • Did you make modifications to the code?

Receivers Damaged

  • How are they placed? Did you place them? You only need hardpoint->receiver.
  • Re-place them, maybe not perfectly aligned on hardpoint


  • _: 0 == Chip/display are not connected or on same network
  • _: 0 == Chip/display is not a Text Panel

Receiver reset how-to:

  • To reset a receiver, clear all NAME fields, then all VALUE fields. Reconfigure the receiver(s) as specified in the ISAN doc, then restart ISAN again. for the manual
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