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Last active May 27, 2022 10:21
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Backblaze Custom Exclude
<excludefname_rule plat="mac" osVers="*" ruleIsOptional="t" skipFirstCharThenStartsWith="users/" contains_1="/.git/" contains_2="*" doesNotContain="*" endsWith="*" hasFileExtension="*" />
<excludefname_rule plat="mac" osVers="*" ruleIsOptional="t" skipFirstCharThenStartsWith="users/" contains_1="/node_modules/" contains_2="*" doesNotContain="*" endsWith="*" hasFileExtension="*" />
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jsonmaur commented Dec 2, 2017

In /Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bzdata

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Jarrid commented Jan 21, 2018

This is awesome.
For anyone wondering how to get into the .bzpkg folder, the user needs to:
Go to the root Library folder, right-click the Backblaze.bzpkg , and click “Show Package Contents”

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@jsonmaur thanks for this. Do you know if I need to restart backblaze or re-source this xml file for the new excludes to take effect? My backblaze is still backing up node_modules even though I have the exclude rules setup.

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knikel commented Sep 19, 2018

@celsowhite: Each line is lacking contains_2="*" property, therefore is invalid (as per Backlaze's docs)

Rule 3: An excludefname_rule must specify all criteria. Use "*" to skip criteria.

For each line to be valid, all of the properties below must be specified:

  • plat
  • osVers
  • ruleIsOptional
  • skipFirstCharThenStartsWith
  • contains_1
  • contains_2
  • doesNotContain
  • endsWith
  • hasFileExtension

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Thanks for the info @knikel. Looks like they updated their format since I set this up--those values weren't required before. I'll make the necessary changes.

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floer32 commented Oct 8, 2019

Thank you!

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Svish commented Oct 8, 2019

With skipFirstCharThenStartsWith="users/", that would mean it only works for files under /users/?

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jsonmaur commented Oct 9, 2019

@Svish Yes I believe so. The article linked in my first comment briefly mentions that it improves performance.

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