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Created July 30, 2011 21:43
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ColdFusion code for Plupload file uploading including chunked transfers
<cffunction name="upload" access="remote" returntype="struct" returnformat="json" output="false">
var uploadDir = expandPath('.') & '/uploads/'; // should be a temp directory that you clear periodically to flush orphaned files
var uploadFile = uploadDir & arguments.NAME;
var response = {'result' = arguments.NAME, 'id' = 0};
var result = {};
// if chunked append chunk number to filename for reassembly
if (structKeyExists(arguments, 'CHUNKS')){
uploadFile = uploadFile & '.' & arguments.CHUNK; = arguments.CHUNK;
<!--- save file data from multi-part form.FILE --->
<cffile action="upload" result="result" filefield="FILE" destination="#uploadFile#" nameconflict="overwrite"/>
// Example: you can return uploaded file data to client
response['size'] = result.fileSize;
response['type'] = result.contentType;
response['saved'] = result.fileWasSaved;
// reassemble chunked file
if (structKeyExists(arguments, 'CHUNKS') && arguments.CHUNK + 1 == arguments.CHUNKS){
try {
var uploadFile = uploadDir & arguments.NAME; // file name for reassembled file - if using a temp directory then this should be the final output path/file
if (fileExists(uploadFile)){
fileDelete(uploadFile); // delete otherwise append will add chunks to an existing file
var tempFile = fileOpen(uploadFile,'append');
for (var i = 0; i < arguments.CHUNKS; i++) {
var chunk = fileReadBinary('#uploadDir#/#arguments.NAME#.#i#');
fileWrite(tempFile, chunk);
catch(any err){
// clean up chunks for incomplete upload
var d = directoryList(uploadDir,false,'name');
if (arrayLen(d) != 0){
for (var i = 1; i <= arrayLen(d); i++){
if (listFirst(d[i]) == arguments.NAME && val(listLast(d[i])) != 0){
// you could add more error handling and return info from err
response = {'error' = {'code' = 500, 'message' = 'Internal Server Error'}, 'id' = 0};
return response;
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ghost commented Jun 24, 2016

This script checks for any already-uploaded file with an identical filename to that of the file that the user is uploading now. There might be an issue with filename conflicts. User (A) could have uploaded "selfie.jpg" and then User (B) uploads a totally different "selfie.jpg." The script deletes the file on the assumption that it's the same file, which in this case would be inaccurate. Why not create a new subdirectory named after a UUID, save the newly uploaded file into the new directory, then send the path to the uploaded file back to the user? Seems safer than just deleting an already-uploaded file.

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