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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Detached DOM nodes
// create an element to attach to document
var d = document.createElement('div');
// take heap snapshot and filter on 'detached' will show the above node
// now attach element to document
// take heap snapshot and the detached node is no longer listed
// you can look at diff between two snapshots and see it has been added to HTMLBodyElement
// so we can see the div add some styles = '2px solid deeppink'; = 'hotpink'; = '100px';
// now lets see if hiding element detaches the node = 'none';
// inspect and you will see the node is not detached
// display element and lets try visibility = 'block';
// same result if you use = 'hidden';
// show element and now remove the element from the document = 'inherit';
// the snapshot will now contain the removed element as a detached node
// to cleanup this node we must delete the reference being held in JavaScript
d = null;
// the detached node is now removed
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