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Example Rails.vim projections for an Ember.js project.
"app/assets/javascripts/models/*.coffee": {
"command": "jmodel",
"alternate": "spec/javascripts/models/",
"template": "App.%S = DS.Model.extend"
"app/assets/javascripts/controllers/*": {
"command": "jcontroller",
"alternate": "spec/javascripts/controllers/",
"template": "App.%SController = Ember.ObjectController.extend"
"app/assets/javascripts/views/*": {
"command": "jview",
"alternate": "spec/javascripts/views/",
"related": "app/assets/javascripts/templates/%s.hbs",
"template": "%SView = Ember.View.extend"
"app/assets/javascripts/": {
"command": "jrouter"
"app/assets/javascripts/routes/*": {
"command": "jroute",
"alternate": "spec/javascripts/routes/",
"template": "App.%SRoute = Ember.Route.extend"
"spec/javascripts/*": {
"command": "jspec",
"alternate": "app/assets/javascripts/"
"app/assets/javascripts/templates/*.hbs": {
"command": "template",
"alternate": "app/assets/javascripts/views/"
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