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package scalaz.example.nio
import scalaz._
import concurrent.Promise
import effects.IO
import nio.sockets._
import nio.Channels._
import Scalaz._
import iteratees._
import java.nio.channels.SocketChannel
import java.nio.channels.ByteChannel
import java.nio.ByteBuffer
object ExampleSocketServer {
def run(implicit s: concurrent.Strategy) {
val server = serverSocketChannel(8080)
val firstConnection : IO[Promise[SocketChannel]] = => FlattenI(s(head[Promise, SocketChannel]))).map(
val echo : IO[Iteratee[ByteBuffer, Promise, Unit]] = firstConnection flatMap { futureSocket =>
val consumer = writeToChannel[Promise]([ByteChannel]))
val reader = futureSocket map (i => readSocketChannel(i))
reader.get map (e => FlattenI(e(consumer)))
val runner : IO[Unit] =

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commented May 14, 2011

Simple echo server in my scalaz nio branch. Comments welcome!

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