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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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This function automatically grabs the latest git tag and, based on keyword (major, minor, patch), adds a new tag. (e.g. git_tag patch for v1.2.0 would create v1.2.1)

Drop this into your ~/.bash_profile and run source ~/.bash_profile to use it.

You can find all of my dotfiles here:

## ----- Tag ----- ##
## Automatically set a git tag based on Semantic Versioning keyword
## Note: This assumes you prefix your git tags with 'v' (e.g 'v1.2.0')
## $1 - 'major', 'minor', 'patch'
## Usage: `git_tag major`
function git_tag() {
local tag=$(git describe --abbrev=0 --tags)
local prefix=$(echo $tag | grep -o --color=never "^[A-z]\+")
local major=$(echo $tag | cut -d '.' -f1 | sed "s/^$prefix//")
local minor=$(echo $tag | cut -d '.' -f2)
local patch=$(echo $tag | cut -d '.' -f3)
case "$1" in
local nmajor=$(($major+1))
local version="$nmajor.0.0"
local nminor=$(($minor+1))
local version="$major.$nminor.0"
local npatch=$(($patch+1))
local version="$major.$minor.$npatch"
echo "Automatically set a git tag based on Semantic Versioning keyword"
echo "Usage: git_tag <major|minor|patch>"
echo "Example:"
echo " git_tag major"
if [[ "$version" ]]
git tag -a "$prefix$version" -m "Version $version"
echo "$prefix$version created!"

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@jswanner jswanner commented Jul 29, 2014

Differs from original in that: don't leak as globals, v tag prefix is optional, and it prints usage text if you don't give it one of the SemVer keywords.

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