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Generate an SSH Key

You probably already have a public and private key. Check and make sure.

ls -a ~/.ssh | grep id

=> id_rsa

If you don't see these keys listed, generate them.

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

Bash Detour

The next slide will make use of $EDITOR. It is a sort of "global" bash variable you can set to your favorite editor. Programs like Git make use of it when told to do so.

In .bash_profile

export EDITOR="subl -w"

Restart terminal

# Quick access to Bash Profile
alias bp="$EDITOR ~/.bash_profile"
# Quick access to homestead directory from terminal
alias homestead="cd /path/to/your/homestead/repo"
# Quick access to hosts file from terminal
alias hosts="$EDITOR /private/etc/hosts"
# Quick access to VM
alias vm="ssh vagrant@ -p 2222"

Adding a Site

  1. Clone my vagrant-test repo
  2. Edit Homestead.yaml
  3. Edit hosts file
  4. vagrant provision
  5. Hit the URL on port 8000 in your browser.
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