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# Inspired by:
# Word lists from the Opinion Lexicon:
from itertools import product, imap, ifilter, chain
import multiprocessing
def load_words(path):
with open(path) as f:
words = ifilter(lambda line: line.rstrip() and not line.startswith(";"), f)
return map(lambda word: word.rstrip(), words)
View StringUtils.swift
extension String {
func lazyComponents(separatedBy sep: Character) -> AnySequence<String> {
return AnySequence<String> { [cv = self.characters] () -> AnyIterator<String> in
var current = cv.startIndex
var finished = false
return AnyIterator<String> {
if finished {
return nil
View repeat.cpp
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
template<int N, char C, char... Cs> struct repeatImpl : repeatImpl<N-1, C, C, Cs...> {};
template<char C, char... Cs> struct repeatImpl<0, C, Cs...> {
static constexpr char cs[] = {Cs..., '\0'};
template<char C, char... Cs> constexpr char repeatImpl<0, C, Cs...>::cs[];
template<int N, char C> const char (& repeat())[N+1] {
return repeatImpl<N, C>::cs;
View regex_searcher.cpp
#include <iostream>
#include <regex>
template<typename StringT>
struct regex_searcher_t {
using IterT = decltype(std::begin(std::declval<const StringT&>()));
// using CharT = typename std::decay<decltype(*std::declval<IterT>())>::type;
using CharT = typename std::iterator_traits<IterT>::value_type;
View c-style-for.swift
func sequence<T>(_ initial: T, _ cond: (T) -> Bool, _ update: (inout T) -> ()) -> UnfoldSequence<T, T> {
return sequence(state: initial, next: { (state: inout T) -> T? in
guard cond(state) else { return nil }
return state
for x in sequence(4, { $0 < 10 }, { $0 = $0 + 1 }) {
View dynamictype.swift
protocol P {
var dynamicTypeAsMember: P.Type { get }
struct T: P {}
extension P {
var dynamicTypeAsMember: P.Type {
return self.dynamicType
View NSTimer+Util.swift
extension NSTimer
private class Trampoline
typealias Handler = @convention(block) (NSTimer) -> Void
@objc static func handleTimer(timer: NSTimer) {
let handler = unsafeBitCast(timer.userInfo, Handler.self)
jtbandes / bool?.md
Last active May 7, 2017
Bool? "truth" table
View bool?.md
x: Bool? false x==nil x==false x!=true x==true, x??false x!=false, x??true x!=nil true
true? false false false false true true true true
false? false false true true false false true true
nil false true false true false true false true
jtbandes / decode-dyn-uti.swift
Last active Oct 12, 2019
Dynamic UTI decoding
View decode-dyn-uti.swift
/// Decodes a dynamically-generated Uniform Type Identifier for inspection purposes. (**NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE!**)
/// Many, many thanks to
/// <>
func decodeDynUTI(_ uti: String) -> String?
let vec = Array("abcdefghkmnpqrstuvwxyz0123456789")
let encoded = Array(uti).suffix(from: 5)
var result: [UInt8] = []
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