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Drops python to a debugger on unhandled exceptions
"""Import this module to make python drop to the debugger
when an undhandled exception is raised.
Original script from:
import sys
__old_excepthook__ = sys.excepthook
def info(type, value, tb):
if hasattr(sys, 'ps1') or \
not sys.stderr.isatty() or \
not sys.stdin.isatty() or \
not sys.stdout.isatty() or \
type == SyntaxError:
# we are in interactive mode or we don't have a tty-like
# device, so we call the default hook
__old_excepthook__(type, value, tb)
# dump the exception and then start the debugger in
# post-mortem mode.
import traceback, pdb
traceback.print_exception(type, value, tb)
sys.excepthook = info
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