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Last active April 15, 2024 18:48
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node-red code to pull calendar and push to eink
// Formats the given Date and returns map with format string parts.
const makeTimeFormatMap = function(date) {
const tz = Intl.DateTimeFormat().resolvedOptions().locale;
const dateTimeFormat = new Intl.DateTimeFormat(tz, {
month: 'short',
day: 'numeric',
weekday: 'short',
hour: 'numeric',
minute: 'numeric',
hour12: true,
const partsMap = {};
dateTimeFormat.formatToParts(date).map(({type, value}) => {
partsMap[type] = value
partsMap.dayPeriod = partsMap.dayPeriod[0].toLowerCase();
return partsMap;
// Makes a Date from a date/time string.
const makeDate = function(dateString) {
if (dateString.includes("T")) {
return new Date(dateString);
// All day events just show up as "YYYY-MM-DD" with no
// time zone, so parse manually to make sure it's in "local"
// time zone.
var b = dateString.split(/\D/);
return new Date(b[0], b[1]-1, b[2]);
// Returns an array of dates between the two time strings.
const getDaysArray = function (start, end) {
const days = [];
for (var dt = makeDate(start); dt <= makeDate(end); dt.setDate(dt.getDate() + 1)) {
days.push(new Date(dt));
return days;
const cal = msg.payload["calendar.terrace_household"];
if (cal === undefined) return null;
const by_date = {}
for (const event of {
const days = getDaysArray(event.start, event.end);
if (days.length == 1) {
const ts = days[0];
const formatParts = makeTimeFormatMap(ts);
const dateStr = `${formatParts.weekday} ${formatParts.month} ${}`;
const timeStr = `${formatParts.hour}:${formatParts.minute}${formatParts.dayPeriod}`;
by_date[dateStr] = by_date[dateStr] || [];
by_date[dateStr].push(timeStr + ' ' + event.summary);
// Multi day events end at midnight the day after, lop it off.
for (const day of days) {
const formatParts = makeTimeFormatMap(day);
const dateStr = `${formatParts.weekday} ${formatParts.month} ${}`;
by_date[dateStr] = by_date[dateStr] || [];
const drawPayloads = [];
var largeSize = 30;
for (const [dateString, events] of Object.entries(by_date)) {
type: "text",
value: dateString,
font: "ppb.ttf",
x: 5,
size: largeSize,
color: "red"
largeSize = 25;
type: "multiline",
value: events.join('|'),
delimiter: '|',
font: "ppb.ttf",
offset_y: 30,
x: 10,
size: 20,
y_padding: 5,
color: "black"
return {payload: drawPayloads };
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Wondering if I could get some help getting this going. Changing const cal = msg.payload["calendar.terrace_household"]; to the name of my calendar doesn't seem to work. It's not fetching any data.

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Are you calling calendar.get_events? Try piping the output to a debug node with "complete msg object" as the output so you can see what the JSON object looks like on the right side debug message panel.

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In the "Fetch Calendar Items" service node I've selected "calendar" as domain and "get_events" as service. I've also selected the correct calendar as entity. In the data field I entered the "start_date_time" line you shared on your blog.

Debug node isn't giving any error messages. I've played around with it quite a bit and as far as I can tell the issue is that the fetch isn't getting any events from the calendar.

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If you go to Developer Tools -> Services and call calendar.get_events there, does it return anything? If not, maybe your calendar isn't being fetched properly?

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samuelcomplex commented Apr 14, 2024

That works, I get 2 events for the same timeline. However I still can't get the service call to fetch any events. If I use a current state node it shows 2 events, and shows what they are. I've tried multiple calendars and with start and end time as well as the snippet that's written on the blog.

This is what the call service node looks like, just to clarify.

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