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import Ember from 'ember';
const {
} = Ember;
export default Ember.Component.extend({
fruits: [],
bowlName: '',
bowlFruit: '',
actions: {
addFruit(fruit) {
get(this, 'fruits').pushObject(fruit);
import Ember from 'ember';
export default Ember.Controller.extend({
appName: 'Ember Twiddle'
<h1>Welcome to {{appName}}</h1>
{{fruit-bowl bowlName="small" bowlFruit="cherry"}}
{{fruit-bowl bowlName="medium" bowlFruit="pear"}}
{{fruit-bowl bowlName="large" bowlFruit="banana"}}
<h3 {{action "addFruit" bowlFruit}}>{{bowlName}}</h3>
{{#each fruits as |fruit|}}
No fruits here!
"version": "0.12.1",
"EmberENV": {
"options": {
"use_pods": false,
"enable-testing": false
"dependencies": {
"jquery": "",
"ember": "2.12.0",
"ember-template-compiler": "2.12.0",
"ember-testing": "2.12.0"
"addons": {
"ember-data": "2.12.1"
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