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Last active March 26, 2023 14:39
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Create simple 4-way split of Cmder for windows cmd prompting...


  1. Launch Cmder
  • step1
  1. Right-click on the console tab
  2. Select New Console... to launch the ConEmu console create dialog
  • step2
  1. In the New Console Split section, select the To right radio option click the Start button
  • step3
  1. Congrats, you now have a half-n-half or 50-50 horizontal split!
  • halfnhalf
  1. Now, right-click on the first console tab and select New Console... again
  2. This time, leave the Console Split section alone and just add -new_console:s50V to the Create new console command input section.
  • step4
  1. Congrats, you now have a 3-way console split
  • step5
  1. Next, right-click on the second console tab (the one the selects Q2) and select New Console... for the last time
  2. Repeat step 7 and you will end up with a nice 4-way split console setup!
  • step6
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Easy. 1) Run ConEmu. 2) Press CtrlShiftE, CtrlShiftO, Win+1 (select tab 1), CtrlShiftO.

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tdchien commented May 29, 2019

@Maximus5 Is there any way to get split view mode for existing console ?

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@tdchien Yes if course. What's the problem?

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tdchien commented May 29, 2019

@Maximus5 I'm meaning find the way to get split mode for existing console without create new.
Example we're haing 4 tab of console, it would be good if we can view 4 tab in split view mode. It's similar like a feature in mobar xterm. Please view in screenshot for more detail. Thanks

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