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Last active January 5, 2023 14:49
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Call ripgrep-all in emacs with consult
;; Note: put `rga' in your PATH. Or modify `cmd'.
(require 'consult)
;; helper function for ripgrep-all
(defun consult--ripgrep-all (&optional dir initial)
"Search with `rga' for files in DIR where the content matches a regexp.
The initial input is given by the INITIAL argument. See `consult-grep'
for more details."
(interactive "P")
(consult--grep "Ripgrep-all" #'consult--ripgrep-make-builder dir initial))
(defun consult-ripgrep-all ()
;; Bind to a key
(let ((consult-ripgrep-args "rga --null --line-buffered --color=never --max-columns=1000 --path-separator / --smart-case --no-heading --line-number ."))
(provide 'consult-ripgrep-all)
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arstum commented Jan 3, 2023

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function consult--ripgrep-builder)

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jthaman commented Jan 4, 2023

The error means that you don't have `consult--ripgrep-builder' installed on your system. It is because the Consult author renamed it. I tried to fix plz check.

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arstum commented Jan 5, 2023

What the script running version of consult?

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