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Created August 27, 2021 19:26
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title: "Penguins"
date: 2020-08-11
output: html_document
species: Adelie
```{r setup, include = FALSE}`r ''`
smaller <- penguins %>%
filter(species == params$species,
We have data about `r knitr::inline_expr("nrow(penguins)")` penguins. Only
`r knitr::inline_expr("nrow(penguins) - nrow(smaller)")` are classified as
`r knitr::inline_expr("params$species")`. The distribution of the
`r knitr::inline_expr("params$species")` penguins are shown below:
```{r, echo = FALSE}`r ''`
smaller %>%
ggplot(aes(body_mass_g)) +
geom_histogram(binwidth = 100)
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