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Gluten free. Easily dairy free (skip the cheese).
Serves four
1 lb chicken
1 poblano pepper
1 Anaheim pepper
1 cup dry black beans
1 cup frozen corn
Half cup cilantro
Olive oil
Corn tortillas
Chipotle seasoning (bought at an Oil and Vinegar store near me)
Cumin, chili powder, garlic, black pepper, and paprika - amounts to taste
Required equipment: Instant pot. If you don’t have one get one. Or adapt the recipe as required.
Put one cup dry black beans in the instant pot. Cover with water (approx 1.25 cups). Stir in seasonings to taste. I used 1 tsp each of cumin, black pepper and chili powder. Cook 25 minutes on high pressure. When done, drain and set aside beans in a large mixing bowl. Clean instant pot bowl.
Preseason chicken with chipotle seasoning, dry rub both sides. Place on trivet in instant pot. Add 1 cup water at the bottom. Cook “poultry” setting for 20 minutes. Start prep of remaining ingredients.
Remaining ingredients
Chop cilantro however you like cilantro chopped. De-seed both peppers and dice. Add cilantro and peppers to beans. Add cup of frozen corn.
Add a generous amount of oil to the bowl along with garlic, black pepper, and paprika to taste. Mix ingredients thoroughly.
Once chicken is done, drain it and chop/pull into smaller pieces. Clean out instant pot again. Pour enough oil to cover the bottom. Dump all ingredients, chicken, etc back into instant pot. Slow cook two hours.
In a cast iron pan (preferably), fry corn tortillas for everyone. I used spray oil on each side of the tortillas and cooked them on medium low heat until semi crisp.
Serve with shredded cheese and salsa or pico de Gallo, and enjoy!
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