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Created Jun 24, 2013
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Supporting Gist for my blog post.
create -b
set zonepath=/zones/base
set ip-type=exclusive
set autoboot=false
add net
set physical=vnicbase0
zoneadm -z $zone halt
zoneadm -z $zone uninstall -F
zonecfg -z $zone delete -F
zoneadm -z base halt
dladm create-vnic -l nge1 clonebase
zonecfg -z base export | sed 's/base/clonebase/g' | tee clonebase.conf
zonecfg -z clonebase -f clonebase.conf
zoneadm -z clonebase clone base
cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/resolv.conf /zones/clonebase/root/etc
sed 's/base/clonebase/g' base.ipadm.conf > clonebase.ipadm.conf
zoneadm -z clonebase boot
zlogin -e ! clonebase
zpool create zones c3t1d0
dladm create-vnic -l nge1 vnicbase0
zonecfg -z base -f base.conf
zoneadm -z base install
cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/resolv.conf /zones/base/root/etc
cp base.ipadm.conf /zones/base/root/etc/ipadm/ipadm.conf
zoneadm -z base boot
zlogin -e ! base
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