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Web2Py OAuth Implementation for EVE Online
# OAuth Implementation for EVE Online
# Obtain Client ID and Client Secret by registering at Desired
# scope must also be registered. The scope entries needed by the application can be determined by
# looking at the API calls requiring authentication at
CLIENT_ID = myconf.get('eve.client_id')
CLIENT_SECRET = myconf.get('eve.client_secret')
SCOPE = myconf.get('eve.scope')
# URLs used by OAuth for EVE Online...
# Import required modules.
from gluon.contrib.login_methods.oauth20_account import OAuthAccount
import requests
# Extend the OAuthAccount class for EVE Online.
class EVEAccount(OAuthAccount):
"""OAuth implementation for EVE Online"""
def __init__(self):
OAuthAccount.__init__(self, None, CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, AUTH_URL, TOKEN_URL, scope=SCOPE)
def get_user(self):
'''Returns the user.
if not self.accessToken():
return None
verify = requests.get(VERIFY_URL, headers={ "Authorization" : "Bearer " + self.accessToken()}).json()
name = verify['CharacterName'].split()
id = verify['CharacterID']
first_name = name[0]
last_name = " ".join(name[1:]) if len(name) > 1 else None
return dict(first_name=first_name, last_name=last_name, registration_id=id)
auth.settings.login_form = EVEAccount()
auth.settings.actions_disabled = ['register', 'change_password', 'request_reset_password']
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