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Method that transforms data[Hash] into FormData object.
angular.module 'gulliver'
# This will transform data[Hash] into FormData object.
# Supports nested objects and FileList (file input's value).
# Note: This won't work on browsers not supporting FormData and FileList (f.e. IE 8-9).
.service 'httpTransformRequestToFormData', ->
(data) ->
return data unless data
getFormDataKey = (fieldName, prefixNames = []) ->
prefixNames = prefixNames.slice(0)
if prefixNames.length
key = prefixNames.shift()
key += "[#{name}]" while name = prefixNames.shift()
key += "[#{fieldName}]"
appendHash = (fd, data, prefixNames = []) ->
angular.forEach data, (value, fieldName) ->
if value instanceof FileList
if value.length == 1
fd.append getFormDataKey(fieldName, prefixNames), value[0]
angular.forEach value, (file, index) ->
fd.append getFormDataKey("#{fieldName}_#{index}", prefixNames), file
else if angular.isFunction(value)
# do nth
else if angular.isObject(value)
appendHash fd, value, prefixNames.concat([fieldName])
fd.append getFormDataKey(fieldName, prefixNames), value
fd = new FormData
appendHash(fd, data)
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Here's how you can use it:

  AccountResource = $resource "/account.json", {},
      method: "PUT"
      transformRequest: httpTransformRequestToFormData
        "Content-Type": undefined # Send FormData, not JSON

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