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@jtsiomb jtsiomb/capsctrl.asm
Last active Sep 8, 2018

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DOS TSR for remapping caps lock to control (see comment at the end for pre-built binaries)
; DOS caps lock -> ctrl remapper
; Author: John Tsiombikas <>
; This program is public domain. Do whatever you like with it
; build with: nasm -o -f bin capsctrl.asm
org 100h
bits 16
mov ax, 0900h
mov dx, msg
int 21h
; get current keyboard interrupt handler
mov ax, 3509h
int 21h
mov [orig_seg], es
mov [orig_off], bx
; set our own interrupt handler in its place
mov ax, 2509h
mov dx, kbintr
int 21h
mov ax, 0900h
mov dx, msg_done
int 21h
; terminate and stay awesome
mov dx, end_of_code
int 27h
KB_INTR equ 09h
KB_PORT equ 60h
PIC1_CMD_PORT equ 20h
OCW2_EOI equ 20h
KBFLAGS0 equ 0x17
KBFLAGS1 equ 0x18
KBF0_CTRL equ 0x04
KBF1_LCTRL equ 0x01
push ax
in al, KB_PORT
jz .caps_press
jz .caps_release
; otherwise jump to the original handler
pop ax
push word [cs:orig_seg]
push word [cs:orig_off]
; set ctrl flags
mov ax, es
push word 0x40
pop es
or byte [es:KBFLAGS0], KBF0_CTRL
or byte [es:KBFLAGS1], KBF1_LCTRL
mov es, ax
jmp .end
; clear ctrl flags
mov ax, es
push word 0x40
pop es
and byte [es:KBFLAGS0], ~KBF0_CTRL
and byte [es:KBFLAGS1], ~KBF1_LCTRL
mov es, ax
.end: mov al, OCW2_EOI
out PIC1_CMD_PORT, al
pop ax
msg db 'Installing capslock -> ctrl mapper... $'
msg_done db 'done.',13,10,'$'
orig_seg dw 0
orig_off dw 0

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jtsiomb commented Sep 8, 2018

Update: I since generalized this hack, made it able to remap caps lock to any key (configurable with rebuild), added a utility for finding the proper scancode to use for configuring it, and made it a full project at:

The release archive of capsmap includes pre-built binaries and for remapping caps lock to ctrl or escape:

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