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Ansible dynamic inventory script that reads any Ansible hosts file and transforms it into the JSON data structure.
This was moved to
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This doesn't work for me after upgrading to Ansible 2.4 as it's unable to find InventoryParser. Do you have a fix (or suggestion) for this?

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derekslenk commented Dec 28, 2017

I am having the same issue as @andrew-sumner...would love to know if anyone knows of a fix

it looks like ansible 2.4 doesn't include an InventoryParser class anymore.

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mterzo commented Jan 18, 2018

Found this tip really useful. Thanks for putting this together. got me looking for what I needed in the 2.4 patch

Here's something similar to what I've implemented in my code.

from ansible.plugins.inventory import expand_hostname_range, detect_range

def my_expand(host_line):
  hosts = []
  if detect_range(host_line):
    hosts += expand_hostname_range(host_line)
    hosts += [host_line]
  return hosts

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narkq commented Mar 27, 2018

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jtyr commented Jul 12, 2018

I have fixed to error and moved the script into a proper GitHub repo here.

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