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Created May 31, 2016 09:35
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Run Drupal 8 web tests without installing Drupal
  1. Create a MySQL database.
  2. Create a user that has access to that database.
  3. Make sure that you have the PDO_MySQL PHP library (otherwise you will get an error because it is missing).
  4. Run the following script.
  5. Once tests complete, we need to stop PHP's web server.

Note: there seem to be some issues with PHP's built-in web server. Please report them here

# Next, download core and run web tests.
wget -q -O - | tar xz
mv my_module drupal-8.1.x-dev/modules/
cd drupal-8.1.x-dev
# You need to download the module's dependencies. Perhaps Composer can do this?
drush dl ctools
# Start PHP's built-in web server in the background.
nohup php -S localhost:9000 > phpd.log 2>&1 &
# Run tests.
php ./core/scripts/ --sqlite /tmp/test.sqlite --dburl mysql://user:pass@localhost/db_name --url http://localhost:9000 --module my_module
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Nice! Why do you need mysql at all if you're using --sqlite?

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I think that there is still something in core that requires it. It is explained at

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