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Drupalcontribute template

A DrupalConTribute is a local and remote meetup in which a group of people contribute to a Drupal module. Normally one of the module maintainers is available during the event in order to provide guidance and commit/review patches


Normally this is held over a whole day.


The local group will meet while remote people can participate through common IRC channels and Google Hangout.


The module maintainer will specify here priorities in order to decide which issues to tackle. It is discouraged to tag issues in advance for the event since this will send a lot of email notifications to people watching the issue queue. It is better to create a list somewhere so everyone can pick issues from it.

Drupal IRC channels should be used to share information. Unless there is a huge amount of people, normal contrib channels such as #drupal-contrib or local channels should be used in order to encourage more people to participate.

Pictures and Tweets can be shared using the hashtag #drupalcontribute


There is no need to have previous experience working with issues. This event can perfectly be a first chance to participate in the issue queue and watch others doing so.

Everyone attending should:


Here the module maintainer should write a list of priorities to focus during the event.

Useful links

Whatever fits here.

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