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Created March 14, 2016 14:05
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shopt -s extglob
num=$(echo "$release_version" | sed 's/^[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.//g')
let num++
echo $release_version | sed -r s/[0-9]*$/$num/
release_version=`git branch | grep -n -e 'release' | sed 's/^[^-]*-//g'`
git co master
git me release-$release_version
git tag -a $release_version -m "Release $release_version"
git co development
git me release-$release_version
git cob release-$new_version
git push origin master
git push origin --tags
git push origin development
git push --set-upstream origin release-$new_version
git push origin :release-$release_version
git branch -d release-$release_version
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