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Last active Apr 19, 2020
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Example for an User class in Python with dataclasses
from dataclasses import dataclass
class User:
user_id: str = None
name: str = None
email: str = None
role: str = 'standard'
def __post_init__(self):
# The param 'user_id' MUST be passed. The rest are optional.
if not self.user_id:
raise ValueError('Parameter user_id is missing')
if not = self.id_to_name(self.user_id)
if not = self.id_to_email(self.user_id)
def id_to_name(user_id: str) -> str:
# 1- Split 'user_id' by the . into a list of words ([name, surname])
# 2- Iterate those words and capitalize them ([Name, Surname])
# 3- Join those words into a single string, but separated by 1 space
name = ' '.join(word.title() for word in user_id.split('.'))
return name
def id_to_email(user_id: str) -> str:
email = user_id + '@' + DOMAIN
return email
def email_to_id(email: str) -> str:
if '@' not in email:
raise ValueError('The character @ at the parameter email is missing')
user_id = email.split('@')[0]
return user_id
def from_dict(source: dict):
user = User(**source)
return user
def to_dict(self) -> dict:
return self.__dict__
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