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JavaScript toSlug()
String.prototype.toSlug = function(){
st = this.toLowerCase();
st = st.replace(/[\u00C0-\u00C5]/ig,'a')
st = st.replace(/[\u00C8-\u00CB]/ig,'e')
st = st.replace(/[\u00CC-\u00CF]/ig,'i')
st = st.replace(/[\u00D2-\u00D6]/ig,'o')
st = st.replace(/[\u00D9-\u00DC]/ig,'u')
st = st.replace(/[\u00D1]/ig,'n')
st = st.replace(/[^a-z0-9 ]+/gi,'')
st = st.trim().replace(/ /g,'-');
st = st.replace(/[\-]{2}/g,'');
return (st.replace(/[^a-z\- ]*/gi,''));
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