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Automatically fitting a quickfix window height, consider a long line as many lines. based in
au FileType qf call AdjustWindowHeight(3, 10)
function! AdjustWindowHeight(minheight, maxheight)
let l = 1
let n_lines = 0
let w_width = winwidth(0)
while l <= line('$')
" number to float for division
let l_len = strlen(getline(l)) + 0.0
let line_width = l_len/w_width
let n_lines += float2nr(ceil(line_width))
let l += 1
exe max([min([n_lines, a:maxheight]), a:minheight]) . "wincmd _"

blueyed commented Oct 10, 2013

The loop should/can stop also already, if line('$') >= a:maxheight (and if n_lines is >= a:maxheight).

Because if there are 1000 lines, but maxheight is 10, you can just set it to 10).

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