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SImple Regex for valid email with Javascript

regex valid js update 2021

const validEmail(str) => !/(\.{2}|-{2}|_{2})/.test(str) && /^[a-z0-9][a-z0-9-_\.]+@([a-z]|[a-z0-9]?[a-z0-9-]+[a-z0-9])\.[a-z0-9]{2,10}(?:\.[a-z]{2,10})?$/.test(str);

validEmail(''); //true
validEmail(''); //true
validEmail(''); //true
validEmail(''); // true (short domain)
validEmail(''); // true (short domain)
validEmail(''); // true (large extension)
validEmail(''); //false (not initial dot)
validEmail(''); //false (not dashes followed)
validEmail(''); //false (not dashes initial and end)

more use cases:

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victorcunya commented May 22, 2018

Muy buena tu validación para correos electrónicos, no tienes una para Python porfa 👍

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