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View hedwig nginx example
# static files (pictures) uploaded by hedwig
server {
listen 80;
location / {
root /srv/www/hedwig-content;
View hedwig pic plugin
#!/usr/bin/env python
from picamera import PiCamera
from time import sleep
import time
import sys
from subprocess import call
path = '/home/pi/hedwig-pictures/'
View mu4econf
;; mu mail indexer
(require 'mu4e)
;; set folders
mu4e-maildir "~/.mail" ;; top-level Maildir
mu4e-sent-folder "/sent" ;; folder for sent messages
mu4e-drafts-folder "/drafts" ;; unfinished messages
mu4e-trash-folder "/trash" ;; trashed messages
mu4e-refile-folder "/archive") ;; saved messages
;; mail retrieval
View vimmemo
Use = to reindet/align.
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showing contributions in github resume.
jubalh / gist:4643212
Created Jan 26, 2013
first steps with ruby
View gist:4643212
require 'rbcurse'
require 'rbcurse/extras/widgets/rlistbox'
require 'rbcurse/core/widgets/rtextview'
require 'rbcurse/core/widgets/rtextarea'
require 'rbcurse/extras/widgets/rvimsplit'
require 'socket'
if $0 == __FILE__
class Caxton
def initialize