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Running Windows 10 on AWS EC2

Downloading the image

Download the windows image you want.

AWS vmimport supported versions: Microsoft Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise, Education) (US English) (64-bit only)

So Home wont work.

View ESP8266 Web Server to storing ap config to

ESP8266 Web Server to storing ap config to EEPROM.

Original by chriscook8 from I just modified to use ESP8266WebServer library for easy to handle the http request.

This is sample code not yet complete.


  • when Wifi connected need to close the softAP.
# rtl_fm demodulation guide
# based on excerpts from:
# requires rtl-sdr (rtl_fm bundled), sox for audio, multimon for pager decoding
# broadcast FM radio
rtl_fm -W -f 89.1M | play -r 32k -t raw -e signed-integer -b 16 -c 1 -V1 -
# police scanner
rtl_fm -N -E -f 154.42M -f 154.75M -f 154.82M -f 154.89M -s 12k -o 4 -g 49.2 -l 70 | play -r 12k ...
View gist:2640302

Share Counts

I have always struggled with getting all the various share buttons from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc to align correctly and to not look like a tacky explosion of buttons. Seeing a number of sites rolling their own share buttons with counts, for example The Next Web I decided to look into the various APIs on how to simply return the share count.

If you want to roll up all of these into a single jQuery plugin check out Sharrre

Many of these API calls and methods are undocumented, so anticipate that they will change in the future. Also, if you are planning on rolling these out across a site I would recommend creating a simple endpoint that periodically caches results from all of the APIs so that you are not overloading the services will requests.