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What would you like to do?

The 1st CUNY J-School New York Journalism History Hunt!

Your mission

Locate as many of the journalism-related sites from this list.


  1. Create a team name. You already have been grouped into teams.
  • All team names should be in the form of team followed by a specific name, E.g., teamUnbreakableWind
  • Make sure the your team name has not been used. Check to see if it is being used (replace YourTeamName with the desired one). Alternatively, you can see how many posts are associated with a hashtag when you try search in Instagram. E.g., Searching for #teamTruth results in more than 6000 entries. Thus, not a good team name.
  1. To get credit for locating a site, you must make a photo of your entire team at each site. You don’t have to enter the buildings or offices, just make a shot that shows the team and some identifiable aspect of the location.
  2. Post each photograph to Instagram, labeling it with the name of the location, a hashtag with your #teamYourAwesomeTeamName, and a hashtag #cunyjournalismhunt. Finally, add a photo location.

Check your progress

throughout the day at The map will update every time you check. If you want others to follow your progress, check every few hours!

To win

The team that locates and posts the most photos by 4pm today wins (after the judges verify the posts). The top three teams will be getting prizes.

Add a location when you post

If you forget, your point won't show up on the map!

Use only during the day

Do not use the site when you are asleep from 12am - 8am. The app, like you, needs to sleep for at least 6 hours a day.

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