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Last active May 20, 2019
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Sql to C# data type conversion code snippet
public static Type GetClrType(SqlDbType sqlType)
switch (sqlType)
case SqlDbType.BigInt:
return typeof(long?);
case SqlDbType.Binary:
case SqlDbType.Image:
case SqlDbType.Timestamp:
case SqlDbType.VarBinary:
return typeof(byte[]);
case SqlDbType.Bit:
return typeof(bool?);
case SqlDbType.Char:
case SqlDbType.NChar:
case SqlDbType.NText:
case SqlDbType.NVarChar:
case SqlDbType.Text:
case SqlDbType.VarChar:
case SqlDbType.Xml:
return typeof(string);
case SqlDbType.DateTime:
case SqlDbType.SmallDateTime:
case SqlDbType.Date:
case SqlDbType.Time:
case SqlDbType.DateTime2:
return typeof(DateTime?);
case SqlDbType.Decimal:
case SqlDbType.Money:
case SqlDbType.SmallMoney:
return typeof(decimal?);
case SqlDbType.Float:
return typeof(double?);
case SqlDbType.Int:
return typeof(int?);
case SqlDbType.Real:
return typeof(float?);
case SqlDbType.UniqueIdentifier:
return typeof(Guid?);
case SqlDbType.SmallInt:
return typeof(short?);
case SqlDbType.TinyInt:
return typeof(byte?);
case SqlDbType.Variant:
case SqlDbType.Udt:
return typeof(object);
case SqlDbType.Structured:
return typeof(DataTable);
case SqlDbType.DateTimeOffset:
return typeof(DateTimeOffset?);
throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("sqlType");
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