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Created May 20, 2019 16:49
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Find default constraint names for tables (Sql Server)
Sql server will not let you dropa table if it has default contraints (like default values for columns.)
This script will let you find them.
1. Determine the constraint name.
if object_id('[dbo].[GetDefaultConstraintName]') is not null
drop function [dbo].[GetDefaultConstraintName]
create function [dbo].[GetDefaultConstraintName] (
@TableName varchar(max),
@ColumnName varchar(max))
returns varchar(max)
-- Returns the name of the default constraint for a column
declare @Command varchar(max)
@Command =
sys.tables t join
sys.default_constraints d
d.parent_object_id = t.object_id) join
sys.columns c
c.object_id = t.object_id and
c.column_id = d.parent_column_id)
where = @TableName and = @ColumnName
return @Command
2. Generate dynamic sql to drop the constraint. Assume that the table name is MyTable and the column name is MyColumn.
execute ('alter table MyTable drop constraint '+
3. Re-create the constraint with the desired default value. Assume that the new default value should be 33.
alter table MyTable add constraint [DF_MyTable_MyColumn] default (33) for MyColumn
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