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Last active Mar 20, 2016
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how the class point should not be made in python
#!/usr/bin/env python
# version 2 here
from cmath import polar, rect, pi as PI, e as E, phase
rad_to_deg = lambda r : r/2/PI*360.0
deg_to_rad = lambda r : r*2*PI/360.0
identity = lambda r: r
class Point(complex):
def __repr__(self):
return "<Point x:%.3f y:%.3f>" % self.as_euclidian()
def as_euclidian(self):
return (self.real, self.imag)
def as_polar(self,measure="rad" ):
conv = measure == "rad" and identity or rad_to_deg
return (abs(self), conv(phase(self)))
class Vector(Point):
def __repr__(self):
return "<Vector x:%.3f y:%.3f>" % self.as_euclidian()
class Rotation(Point):
def __repr__(self):
return "<Rotation r:%.3f theta:%.3f deg>" % self.as_polar("deg")
def __init__(self,*a,**kw):
if(abs(abs(self)-1.0) > .0001):
raise ValueError("norm must be 1")
I = complex("j")
point = center = Point(-1,-1)
vector = shape = Vector(2,2)
rotation = r = Rotation(E**(I*PI/3))
print "translating a point is as easy as"
print "%r + %r = %r" % (point, vector, Point(point+vector))
print "rotating a point is as easy as"
print "%r * %r = %r" % (point, rotation, Point(point*rotation))
class Rectangle(object):
def __init__(self, center,shape,rotation):
def __repr__(self):
return "<Rectangle: Center %r, shape %r, rotation %r>" % (,self.shape, self.rotation.as_polar('deg'))
def area(self):
return self.shape.imag*self.shape.real
def as_points(self):
return map(lambda p:Point((p/*self.rotation),
[ -self.shape, Vector(-self.shape.real, self.shape.imag),
self.shape, Vector(self.shape.real, -self.shape.imag) ])
### Quite trivial, pretty useless method
def translation(self,vector): += Vector(vector)
def homothetia(self, factor):
def rotate(self, rotation):
def rotate_from_origin(self, rotation):*=Rotation(rotation)
#### just for convenience, but really useless
def as_polars(self, measure="rad"):
return map(lambda p:p.as_polar(measure), self.as_points())
def as_euclidians(self):
return map(lambda p:p.as_euclidian(), self.as_points())
def rotate_from_point(self, point, rotation): Point(point)
self.rotate_from_origin(Rotation(rotation)) Point(point)
print "let's see our rectangle true data %r" % rec
print "list on euclidian coord %r" % rec.as_euclidians()
print "let's list all the point in polar %r" % rec.as_polars()
print "rectangle area is %f" % rec.area()
print "center is %r" %
print "apply a rotation of -60 degrees"
print "rotation becomes %r" % rec.rotation
print "points are now %r" % rec.as_points()
print "distance from origin of all points of the rectangle %s" % (
",".join( map(lambda p:"%.2f" % abs(p), rec.as_points())))
print "angle in degrees from origin from all points of the rectangle %s" %(
",".join(map(lambda r: "%.2f" % rad_to_deg(phase(r)), rec.as_points()))
print "let's center back the square to see"
print "finally %r" % rec.as_points()
except ValueError:
print "Rotation is a complex with a norm of 1"
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