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Juliana Lucena julianalucena

  • Incognia
  • Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
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"evidence": {
"account_integrity": {...},
"addresses": [...],
"device_behavior_reputation": "allowed",
"device_fraud_reputation": "allowed",
"device_integrity": {
"emulator": false,
"from_official_store": true,
"gps_spoofing": false,
View api.rb
require 'faraday'
require 'json'
module Incognia
class Api
include Singleton
API_HOST = ''.freeze
def register_login(installation_id:, account_id:)
julianalucena / login_form.rb
Last active Jun 26, 2021 — forked from nataliaconde/login_form.rb
authentication logic
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# login_form.rb
class LoginForm < BaseForm
attr_accessor :email, :password, :incognia_installation_id
validates :email, :password, presence: true
validate :device_risk
# Other validations...
def submit
return nil if invalid?
View sessions_controller.rb
# sessions_controller.rb
class SessionsController < ApplicationController
def create
@login_form =
if @user = @login_form.submit
sign_in @user
redirect_to @user, notice: "Welcome!"
render action: :new
julianalucena / backbone-carousel.html
Created Oct 8, 2015 — forked from jjulian/backbone-carousel.html
A simple carousel implemented with a single Backbone view
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Descrição de Projeto: encapsuladores

Projeto 1

Este projeto consiste na criação do encapsulador para a API REST do Mural do Redu.

O que é um encapsulador?

Encapsularoes (para APIs REST), também conhecidos como wrappers, são bibliotecas que abstraem detalhes de rede na comunicação com serviços terceiros.

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  • X should be removed (from UI)
  • should be passed between stories and states
  • should be rendered when creating
  • X should rerender when updating
  • should have story_id
  • should bind to dragstop


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<%= pjax_content_for :head_scripts_and_styles do %>
<%= lazy_load :js, javascript_path("myplugin.js"), jammit_path(:jammt_package) do %>
var a = new Abc();
<% end %>
<% end %>