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Old instructions I had for installing Amanda backup software on OS X Lion
- Installed macports
- Installed gettext (sudo port install gettext)
- Installed libiconv
- Installed pkgconfig
- Installed glib2
- Create amanda user using the shell script from the wiki page
- Download and configure amanda with:
./configure \
--prefix=/Users/amanda/amanda \
--with-user=amanda \
--with-group=admin \
--with-bsdtcp-security \
--without-server \
--disable-s3-device \
--without-restore \
- Patch amanda sources, replace semaphore_t with amanda_semaphore_t
to avoid namespace conflict with Mach kernel
- Create various paths needed by amanda
mycomputer:amanda me$ cd /Users/amanda/amanda
mycomputer:amanda me$ sudo mkdir -p var/amanda/gnutar-lists etc/amanda
mycomputer:amanda me$ sudo touch var/amanda/amandates
mycomputer:amanda me$ sudo chown -R amanda:wheel var/amanda etc/amanda
mycomputer:amanda me$ sudo chmod -R o-rwx var/amanda etc/amanda
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